The gender line between fashion is getting thinner. You see men wearing more feminine clothing and women experimenting with menswear.

My outfit today wasn’t really planned. I didn’t know what to wear so I was looking through the closest and I found a white shirt from H&M that Hans left here and I thought it was cute. So, I tried to bring an outfit together with it. I think it works together well, I have enough feminine pieces to offset the oversized men’s shirt.

Shirt- H&M menswear. Shiny leggings- Lindex. Long black tank top- Gina Tricot.

Have you experimented with the “boyfriend” trend?



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4 responses to “Menswear

  1. lowandbhold

    Cute! I love oversized sweaters with skinny jeans or leggins.

  2. lowandbhold

    I mean LEGGINGS. I totally don’t say it like that, promise 🙂

  3. mycupofteas

    The look totally works! It looks cute & comfy! 🙂

  4. you pull the look off well!

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