I am getting nostalgic at the thought of leaving this peaceful utopia that they call Sweden. It is hard to explain what Sweden is. But, if I had to choose then I would say peaceful and fashionable. You have no idea how freaking sad I am to leave Vero Moda, Gina Tricot, H&M and that is only a handful of the trendy shops in Sweden. Along with Swedish chic, I will also miss my best friend and Hans’ family. If I had to explain the Swedish way of life, it would be that they value their free time much more than Americans. During the holidays, I believe most people had off from the 24th of December until around the 6th of January.

My outfit for today. I look pissed but I was trying to pull of the I’m a badass look.

T shirt- L.A.M.B. circa 2006. Cardigan- Target. Grey skirt- Only. Leggings- Shiny leggings from Lindex.

I thought I would do something out of the usual and post what I have been eating in Sweden.

Breakfast- Spelt bread. Half with Nutella and half with marmalade and cheese.

For lunch I had some yogurt with havre fras cereal and a banana.

Afternoon coffee with 2 pieces of Dumle chocolate. I adore the contrast between bitter coffee and chocolate. The perfect combination.

I snacked on an apple while waiting for dinner, I was starving after my long walk- appx. 6 km.

For dinner, Helena prepared a type of stew with minced beef, carrots, onions, celery and maybe potatoes? with fresh beef broth, salt & pepper.

The place settings always look perfect. I think it changes the atmosphere of the dinner table tremendously.

Only 3 more days left in Sweden 😦 xoxo



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4 responses to “Sorgligt

  1. I know you are sad to leave…I don’t blame you. 😦 But soon you will be back here and we can go to HOT YOGA. I love Y2Yoga SO MUCH. I think you will too, except you are a much more experienced yogi than me. Anyway…then next month we will practically be neighbors. Seriously my place is like right behind the across from Outback, behind those buildings there.

    • Ahh I know! I am really excited that you are moving so close 🙂 I would love to try the new yoga studio.. but I haven’t practiced in like 2 months.. eh, I know.. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of my legs broke off or something bc of how inflexible I am again.. haha

  2. lowandbhold

    Love that outfit and your badass look 🙂

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