Cartons filled with yogurt

Good morning!

I got several questions yesterday regarding the yogurt that I used.

Why was it in a carton?

What is the consistency? It is not creamy at all. It pairs well with any type of cereal or musli and it will make the cereal become soggy if you don’t eat it fast enough. If you eat cereal with the yogurt the cereal isn’t dry at all. I had the same thing this morning for breakfast so I could take some photos for you.

Vanilla yogurt with musli and havre fras cereal.

All mixed through.

As you can see the consistency to our yogurt is much thicker than the Swedish yogurt. You can’t eat the yogurt by itself, it is like taking spoonfuls of buttermilk or something like that. I asked my mother in law and she told me they also have yoplait yogurt in individual containers but their family doesn’t eat it because it’s too sweet so it is mostly small children who like that kind of yogurt.

I have a new recipe to post for you!! I have been eating this fish soup several times since I made it to Sweden a month ago.

Salmon soup

500 grams salmon

1 small onion

handful of green onions

Water with 3-4 vegetable bouillon cubes. Use enough water just to cover all of the vegetables.

500 g of potatoes

300 g of carrots

dill- about 3 tbsp

Cook onion with butter first. Then boil the potatoes and carrots with the onion until the potatoes are falling apart- about 10 min.

Add the salmon (seasoned with salt and the dill) to the soup after it has cooled a bit and is not boiling and cook through- about 5 to 10 minutes.

Add a little bit of milk or cream for a creamier consistency, if you wish.

This soup could be my favorite soup recipe if you don’t count chili as a soup 😉 It turns out tasting different every time by how much vegetables, different spices and how much milk and vegetable bouillon that you use.

I hope that every one has a fun weekend planned! I get to spend it with one of my best friends!!! She is German and I haven’t seen her in such a long time.



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5 responses to “Cartons filled with yogurt

  1. Errign

    Hi Haleigh – thanks for the info about the yogurt 🙂 So cool to learn about Swedish food!

    Do you happen to know the approximate US measurements to grams in the recipe?

  2. salmon soup sounds incredible, I love salmon and this sounds like another great way to eat it.

  3. That salmon soup sounds great! It’s always so interesting to see how you interpret our Swedish foods, like the yoghurt. Because to me, it’s so natural and I’m so used to it that I would never even realize that people think our yoghurt is “different” or “strange”. Don’t you have yoghurt in a carton in the US?

    • innerwellness

      Nope. Our yogurt is always in a container like creme fraiche or something like that. Your yogurt can pour?? and ours can’t I guess.. you have to spoon it out of the container and into the bowl 🙂

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