Swedish Cereal

I was making breakfast this morning and I couldn’t help but think why the US doesn’t have this type of Quaker cereal? It is my favorite, and Quaker is afterall, an American company but alas we do not have it 😦

I had a handful of havre fras cereal with some musli.

Speaking of.. why don’t we have good musli in the US either? This one has oats, hazelnuts, dried bananas, dates, and raisins among other tasty ingredients.

I had my musli/cereal combination with vanilla yogurt.

Swedish yogurt isn’t as thick as American yogurt. You can eat it with cereal, no problem. They have greek yogurt as well but they call it turkish yogurt and it is not sweetened so I usually add some honey or jam to it.

What is your favorite cereal? I don’t know what my favorite in the US is but my favorite over all is this havre fras cereal. Maybe I will stuff some in my suit case along with Swedish chocolate, coffee and candy 😉


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13 responses to “Swedish Cereal

  1. The US should import an entire food store from sweden so i can eat like i used to 😛

  2. ooh, that cereal sounds great!

    I found some good looking Muesli in the International section of Kroger – it sounds a lot like that one!

  3. From the box it sort of looks like mini wheatabix?

  4. The first time I went to Europe I was so surprised that milk is at room temperature. That muesli sounds great! Kashi Crunch is my favorite cereal!

  5. Errign

    That cereal looks yummy, but I gotta say, I am so intrigued by yogurt in a carton. Would you say it’s more of like, Kefir texture?

  6. Marti

    Austin said to remember to stuff some Swedish candy in there for him too.

  7. How interesting, I’ve never seen yogurt in a carton!

  8. I think that Kashi H2H is my favorite cereal. But I’m more of an oatmeal/mueseli fan for breakfast, so cereal is not my favorite thing anyhow.

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