Hans’ dinner request

To make a long story short… Hans has been abroad for 3 months for his job training. He was supposed to return to Charlotte on February 3. Well, we found out a few weeks ago that the plans have changed and his job needs him back in Charlotte next week. The bad news is that I don’t fly back from Sweden until the 14th of January!! Oh, well. I love spending time in Sweden and I will be in Stockholm for awhile now. Stockholm is one of my favorite cities and it has some wicked good shopping.

Since it was Hans’ last day in Sweden, he got to choose the menu for dinner this evening. Of course, it included meat and potatoes 😉

We started off with a champagne toast to celebrate our wonderful stay in Sweden.

Typical. I am a bookworm, and proud of it.

Have I mentioned how much I love taking photos with my SLR?

Following the champagne, we opened a bottle of red wine, naturally.

On the menu: beef tenderloin ($60!!!!) with kantarell mushroom sauce, picked from the forest, potato gratin and broccoli. Helena makes a killer mushroom sauce. I wanted to know her secret so I watched her make it. It is so simple but it has so much taste from the forest picked mushrooms.

We had ice cream for dessert. We had the option of vanilla ice cream with blueberries and stracciatella.

Obviously, I chose the chocolate option. I am quite sad for Hans to leave Sweden tomorrow. I won’t see him for two weeks which isn’t too bad but the sooner Hans leaves means it’s sooner for me to leave too.


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5 responses to “Hans’ dinner request

  1. Wow mushroom sauce sounds amazing and the meal looks wonderful. I’m glad you had a great evening.

  2. holy ice cream GASM!!! hot damn i could live on that bowl of goodness. that beautiful meat had best been cooked to perfection med. rare to spend such a shiny penny. But alas, its beef tenderloin and I could eat it off a shoe and be happy

  3. I love reading all your posts about Sweden, it’s so much fun because I recognize everything and it’s interesting to hear your take on things, like what you like and dislike about our traditional foods. I just scrolled through a couple of pages of posts here (as usual I’ve been bad at stopping by lately, sorry!) and saw the post about the pizzas. It really depends a lot on what pizzeria you go to, some of them are really bad and others are fantastic. You should try Ciao Ciao in Stockholm, it’s a italian restaurant that serves up AMAZING pizzas. I always go for a vegetarian option (even before I was a vegetarian I’d most often choose something vegetarian or near vegetarian, like something with shrimp) so I’ve never tried a Kebab pizza. Like you, I never liked kebab meat.

  4. That meal is incredible! Don’t you love being able to learn little things in the kitchen from others just by watching? One of the beautiful things about cooking 😉

    Keep looking on the positive side, and your trip home to meet up with Hans will be here before you know it!

  5. Oh, you will be here sooooon! You must try the new yoga studio with us when you get back. 😀

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