I woke up on Christmas morning with again, no expectations for the day and I was completely blown away. We woke up quite early to go to a friend’s house for some snow mobile fun! I took the “womanly” snow mobile out for a fun run. It sure as hell doesn’t feel like the girly version of a snow mobile!! It was freaking fast! Sorry no photos… I can’t seem to remember where I put them.

After we got back, family members started to arrive. We had around 12 people at the Christmas table.

It was so cute because Hans’ grandpa got so happy when I could have a conversation with him and understand him because he thought that his English wasn’t so good. So with my small knowledge of Swedish and his small knowledge of English, we had a pretty intelligent conversation 😉 He loves the fact that I am a Cherokee. He said that he grew up reading books about cowboys and indians and little did he know that his grandson would marry one.

Julafton was a traditional Swedish celebration. Christmas day, however, was a Swedenized American celebration. Hans’ cousins are half American and half Swedish. So, we had a lot of traditional American dishes on Christmas as well as Swedish dishes.

Swedish Tradition- plenty of schnapps.

Hans’ grandpa prepared an amazingly moist turkey with stuffing to boot! I usually don’t like turkey because it is always too dry but this one was not dry at all. I was impressed.

We had a Swedenized American Christmas menu. Case in point: hasselbackspotatis instead of mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts instead of vegetable casseroles, brown sauce instead of gravy, and black currant jelly instead of cranberry sauce along with turkey, broccoli rice casserole and stuffing. It was a memorable Christmas dinner, indeed.

I took it upon myself to prepare an American dessert for every one.

Chocolate chip pecan pie. It turned out great. I was nervous if the Swedes would like it because sometimes there is a cultural difference in taste preferences but every one seemed to enjoy it. I had several of them ask for the recipe. Score!

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  1. What an awesome Christmas! That table looks so nice and Christmas-spirited. And I really like the sounds of that Swedish Christmas dinner, I’m all about some roasted veggies!

    Never thought of adding chocolate to pecan pie. Genius!

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