So, what do the Swedes eat for Christmas? The first year that I lived here was an unusual surprise in terms of Christmas food. All of the food in Sweden is delicious- creamy sauces, fresh vegetables, ecological meat. However, their Christmas food just did not appeal to my taste buds. This Christmas was another surprise because I enjoyed every bite.

On Julafton (Christmas Eve), we prepared a traditional julbord.

The first plate is what I like to call the fish plate.

There is multiple sill (herring) dishes in different sauces.

Various salmon dishes

and havrekex with julskinka (Christmas ham).

Here is my fish plate. I tried all of the herring dishes but I couldn’t finish them. I think it is an acquired taste so perhaps I will learn to love it in the future. (Sorry for the blurry photo)

I am turning into Hans because I love the havrekex with Christmas ham!

The hot dishes include homemade meatballs, small sausages, broccoli cheese casserole *which I made for nostalgic reasons ;), potatoes, Janssons’ frestelse which is like a potato and fish casserole, and a Finnish parsnip dish.

My favorite was the homemade meatballs and the broccoli cheese casserole, naturally.

For dessert, there was a variety of soft cheese and pepparkakor.

I opted away from the dessert because I had been snacking all day on….

grapes, figs, walnuts and knäck.

Knäck is a candy that can be found at almost any Swedes home during Christmas. They have a toffee-type texture to them and are made from sugar, cream, syrup and almonds.

Julafton wasn’t what I expected it to be. It surpassed my expectations tremendously because I had absolutely none. The first Christmas in Sweden, I didn’t like the food. Maybe because I was away from home on Christmas, maybe because I was young, maybe because I wanted the comfort of American casseroles.. who knows. However, the Julbord was the opposite of a let down and was fantastic this year.


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5 responses to “Julbord

  1. Glad you were able to enjoy yourself! Happy New Year 🙂

  2. Lots of FISH! Looks delish!

  3. Yummy food! Happy New Year!

  4. Glad you’re growing into the Swedish traditions more this year! I would definitely have a hard time, since I only started eating fish a few years ago, sometimes it’s still not my favorite thing.

  5. Ooooh those candies look especially delicious! Thanks for a look into the Swedish traditions at Christmas, very inspiring!

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