…glühwein or perhaps you prefer mulled wine?

One thing is evident. The cold countries love their glögg. In Germany, you can find glühwein at the weihnachtsmärkten. Here in Sweden, it is often seen at a julbord or on any given day around Christmas time.

The classic ingredients of glögg are red wine, sugar and spices. It is served warm and with almonds, raisins and pepparkakor along side.

Although glögg is often made with red wine, it can be made in other ways too. In Sweden, they have a new edition of glögg every Christmas. This year it was made from clementines, and in 2005, it was made from cloudberries.

Another treat that is just as traditional as glögg in Sweden is pepparkakor and bleu cheese.

They are similar to ginger snaps but pepparkakor have more of a kick to them.

The Swedes say that several hundred years ago, when wine would be transported from France and Italy, it would often go bad because it was transported so far up North. They had to mask the taste of old wine somehow, so then came along glögg. Who knows if the story is true or not but it makes for a fun story 😉

Have you ever tried glögg?

Edited to add: Hans just told me that glögg is different than mulled and glühwein. Glühwein is like heated red wine and glögg is sweeter with more spices.


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14 responses to “Glögg

  1. Never even HEARD of it before!

  2. I surprisingly haven’t tried it given my strong Scandinavian roots but I’ve heard about it! I should take a sip one of these days 🙂

  3. I’ve tried mulled wine but didn’t like it.

  4. Errign

    I’ve had mulled wine when I lived in Ireland, but never Glögg – sounds good though 🙂

  5. glogg sounds tasty!

    Hope you’re enjoying your day 🙂

  6. I tried making mulled wine once but it wasn’t very good. I love the idea of it though!

  7. There is a difference between mulled wine and glogg, glogg is more sweet and doen’t have the same taste of alcohol as mulled wine or glühwein has.

    And you can make raceglogg which is glogg with vodka for really cold days =D

  8. Sounds like a great Holiday drink.

  9. lowandbhold

    Thanks for the culture info girl! Sounds pretty good!

  10. My savior! *Falls into Haleigh’s arms* – I got a bottle of Glögg from my work and I did know the name, but the instructions are in Swedish. It’s 21% alcohol right? Aaaanyhoo, are you supposed to heat it up? Serve it as it was? Let me know!!

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