It’s a blizzard

Well, not exactly but I can barely see out the window because it is snowing so hard!

I took this photo about an hour ago and now it looks like it’s snowing horizontally 🙂 So, needless to say.. my daily walk will be put off until this afternoon, when I am hoping that it will calm down a little bit.

Breakfast this morning was lovely. I wanted something light since I woke up late from the time change.

Two pieces of bread with orange marmalade and a thin slice of cheese.

I am going to curl up with my new book about now.



Filed under Breakfast, Sweden

4 responses to “It’s a blizzard

  1. Errign

    I hope the snow lets up enough for you to have a walk! Enjoy your book 🙂

  2. lowandbhold

    Have I mentioned how jealous I am yet 😉

  3. We got our first snow in Leeds (UK) today. I wonder if we’ll have a white Christmas 🙂

  4. can i just reiterate: JEALOUS!

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