Plenty to read

I don’t know if I have mentioned it but Hans won’t be in Sweden for Christmas until next week. He was only here for a meeting this weekend and then went back to Germany 😦 I miss him so much. Okay, I will quit sulking now.

Helena and I ventured into the city today to pick up a few things. In the process, I got the last 2 Stieg Larsson books to read.

They have made the novels into films in Sweden. Hans wants to go see the 3rd film. I always prefer to read the books before I go see the movie so I have a lot of reading to do. I don’t mind, I am a bookworm.

There are so many different types of bread in Sweden. Loaves of bread, buns, baguettes and many others. This is a particular kind of dark bread that I like.

I need to go to a bakery in Charlotte and ask if they can attempt this bread because it is good!

I had some for dinner with salmon and a mustard/dill sauce.

I used pickled salmon (gravlax) to eat with the bread. It sounds weird, but it doesn’t taste much different from smoked salmon.

What is your favorite type of bread? I am a bread lover so I love about any kind of bread. I love to bake it even more than I love to eat it 😉


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5 responses to “Plenty to read

  1. So, what are some of the foods that Swedish people usually eat? Was it hard to get used to the different cuisine or products?

  2. i do not discriminate~i love all bread!

  3. any kind of bread is good with me, too – especially if it’s fresh!

    i love reading tons of books on vacations – hope they’re good!

  4. Gravlax and smoked salmon are both tasty :-).

    My favorite bread would have to be a crusty french baguette spread with real butter – soooo good!

  5. Vee

    I’m a big German & Swedish bread fan, the darker the bread, the better. My fav is definitely rye bread (gluten free and much denser than a typical wheat bread)

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