I know I want it

Good morning!

Oatmeal never gets old when it’s cold outside. I could eat it every day from November to March, no problem.

My usual oatmeal in a mug, but not just any mug.. it’s my gossip mug.

Speaking of gossip.

Have you heard that the fabulous stylist of Serena Van Der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf is coming out with a new book on December 15? I know I will be picking this book up when I get back to the states.


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8 responses to “I know I want it

  1. hahah wow oatmeal in a real, true mug!! I don’t have the skill to dig it out NEATLY, so I’ve never used a mug for oatmeal…always bowls. 😛 Looks fantastic that gossip mug. 😛

  2. I agree oatmeal is a great way to start a cold morning.

  3. oatmeal=best cold morning breakfast EVA!

  4. Errign

    I’ve never made oatmeal in a mug, but you might have just inspired me… 🙂

  5. shell625

    oatmeal truly is the best in the cold


  6. So true. Oatmeal never gets old. Hot oatmeal in the winter and cold overnight oats in the summer. I do everything in a mug. Oatmeal, soup, pasta… Something about eating out of a mug is so comforting…

  7. mmm having some now, not in a mug though…next time!

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