Back home for the weekend!

Haleigh has tried to get me to do a post here about something i still don’t know what it is so I made an attempt to give you guys something interesting to read from a non food blogging guy married to a sweet girl =D

So I’m guessing that most of you girls know I’m Swedish by now. And luckily I got to go home for the first time in about a year this weekend. After living 6 weeks in hotels it’s a pretty sweet thing to actually get some home made food and sleep two nights in my old bed! And as all guys would do, as soon as a knew I was flying over to Sweden for the weekend I got my mom on the phone and made a wish for the perfect dinner! Oxfile med klyftpotatis och kantarellsås or as some of you might call it, tenderloin with roasted potatoes and chanterelle sauce. This is definitely one of my favorite meals and a typical Swedish meal since it’s meat, potatoes and a creamy sauce. My mom even picks the mushrooms herself in the forrest next to our house. I know i live with one amazing chef but as most of the bloggers out here she isn’t a big fan of creamy sauces and red meat so i need to take the chance when i get it =D And after the last 6 weeks living in hotels and never getting to cook my own food I was happy to eat something real!

To start off an awesome dinner my mom made goat cheese with honey and some kind of nuts in the owen for starters.

And the best part, the tenderloin with roasted potatoes and creamy mushroom sauce, unfortunately I didn’t make my plate look photo good but the taste was still awesome!

The plan was to top this off with a blueberry pie but my brothers baby girl got a little bit angry since she was a little sick so they called it a night and me and my parents ate some of Haleighs favorite candy and watched the second movie from Stig Larssons books The Girl who played with fire. I didn’t have time for much more since I flew in from Germany at 3 pm so the next thing was to hit the pillow which I did hard =D

For today I had set a play date with Jesper, my best man to explore the new toys my dad got during the year I’ve been in the US. So to start off the day we went out in the woods to play around for a while, I had been hoping for a lot of snow by now but all we could find was mud… I guess the only way to explain how men in my family works is to use the statement: The only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys!

After this we took my moms new car out for a test ride to see how my brothers house was coming along, didn’t bring the camera, but looking good is all i can say =D Played a little with my niece and then it was off to another missed place, American Takeaway, where we ordered a 50/50 curry chicken and el taco. Our normal pizza over here is really thin so this is the only pizza place where you can find the US kind of pizza with a thick crust.

So to give you a short description of why I even got the chance to head back home for the weekend it might be good to explain why I’m in Europe. The company I work for has their headquarter in Germany so in the 10 months I have been working for them 2.5 months has been spend over here. But before Germany there was England too, puh.. hardly know where I wake up in the morning by now.. I had a 6 weeks training in England this fall where I had to leave my sweet wife and pack my stuff into and head over the a small city in between Liverpool and Manchester. I can’t say that I liked being in England, to be honest. It was one of the most grey countries i ever sat my foot in. During my 6 weeks i think there was 3 days where it didn’t rain.. One of the reasons might have been it’s fall and I lived in a pretty small and boring city. Food wise it was the same, I still don’t know what english food is =D since I mainly had Italian from an really nice and good restaurant or a lot of indian food. I have noticed one thing when I have been going between a lot of different places in the world, each country has a second country getting them their food. In the US there is a lot of Mexican places, or at least where I have been which is mainly midwest or the south. England had a ton of Indian restaurants and in Sweden we are suckers for Thai food.

Anyway, when my boss told me I was needed in the Germany I was happy to leave England behind and head for awesome Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas markets) where they serve something called Glühwein (hot mulled wine with spices) and a sweeter version of the Glühwein called Feuerzange which has sugar and rum in it =D There is nothing to heat up a cold Swede like a hot Feuerzange =D

Hot Feuerzange picked up from the cabin below

Needless to say I’m a bigger fan of Germany then England! and I think Haleigh can confirm that the city where I stay in Germany is one of the nicer onces!

And just to Give Haleigh a last tease so she knows how much I miss her I’ll add in my dinner from Friday night when i took a Feuerzange tour around the christmas market with a few colleagues of mine =D You know i miss you babe!

Anyway, feel free to ask me whatever you want! I’m off to watch the Office now.. =D




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13 responses to “Back home for the weekend!

  1. Aw what a fantastic guest post Hans! I get the feeling he really loves you a lot Haleigh! And great job with the food pictures! Thumbs up! 🙂

  2. Errign

    Nice guest post!

    I’m studying in England next year 🙂 I had my heart set on Switzerland, but the cost difference was WAY too big! I’m hoping to get some good traveling in while I’m in Europe!

  3. hans! thanks for posting~you are a pretty good blogger i must say 🙂 looks like sweden is AMAZING.. i am sure you can’t wait for your lady to get there!!

  4. i love the office!! you are a great blogger..and that pastry thang at the end looks AWESOME

  5. Thanks for the post, really cool to hear from Haleigh’s other half 🙂

    You took great photos of everything, and glad you made it home for a weekend…I love your wife’s blog!

  6. Vee

    Guten Tag. I love Feuerzange! Especially accompanied with some gingerbread. This autumn was pretty miserable over here in the UK. But we are keeping our fingers crossed that winter will be much better (there’s always hope :-))

  7. What fun pizza flavors!! Love this guest post! Ich liebe Deutschland 🙂

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  9. you are a great blogger! 🙂 nice going! 🙂

  10. lowandbhold

    Hans, you are too sweet. You guys are such a cute couple. Loved the guest post!

  11. Love this guest post! I love reading about different places :):)

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