Make Up Tutorial

I thought I would step out of the ordinary blogging mode this morning, and write a post about the make up that I use (when I actually wear make up). While in high school, I would not be seen without anything less than perfectly made up eyeshadow and face. However, I go with less make up as I have gotten older and more comfortable in my own skin. Not to say that playing with make up isn’t fun, because it most definitely is.

I must be really comfortable in my own skin to be posting a before photo. Really, the thought should make me cringe… but it doesn’t. I feel truly at peace with myself during this point in my life. Now I will stop with the blabbering and get down to business.

For the face, I use no brand concealer & powder, NARS sheer glow foundation and NARS bronzer and blush.

I wasn’t a fan of foundation until recently. I hated the way that it felt on my face. That was until I started using the sheer glow foundation. It is light and evens out my skin tone without looking like I have a pound of make up on. NARS brand of make up is goddess sent. I also adore the bronzer/blush combination in orgasm and laguna.

Now for the fun part! Urban decay is to the eyes as NARS is to face. In other words, I am obsessed with their eyeshadow. I also have some mac eyeshadow that I like to play with too.

I use the brown mac eyeshadow for my eyebrows (they are practically nonexistent). Mac eye highlighter in Phloof. Urban Decay eyeshadow in S&M and Oil Slick. Urban Decay eyeliner and no brand mascara.

I use Phloof from the eyebrow to mid eye. S&M from the lashes to the mid eye and Oil Slick in the crease of the eye.

And to top it off, mac pink lipstick for some color and a sheer gloss.

My after photo.

Up close.

If I want to do more of a smokey eye then I blend in more of the Urban Decay Oil Slick. I was going to a Christmas party so I didn’t want too much.

Make up has always been one of my favorite things to play around with. I remember when I was little and would get into my mom’s make up bag and make a huge mess of myself.


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9 responses to “Make Up Tutorial

  1. I love all these products, I’m a barley there make up person, but like you at school I was always in full make up 🙂

  2. LOVED this!! especially bc i love makeup and MAC!

  3. lowandbhold

    You should feel at peace with yourself! You have perfect skin! Love the makeup.

    Sad we couldn’t get together today 😦 Have a safe trip abroad!

  4. i use nars and mac too! best.

  5. I was the same in high school, would not be seen without a fully layered face, but my skin was just hating the fact that it couldn’t breathe!
    Then I discovered bare minerals. So perfect, all natural, and breathable! Covers beautifully and you can’t feel it. It’s hard to break away from foundation, but once you try this you won’t go back.

  6. Vee

    I really like MAC, I’m seriously addicted to their ‘mineralize skinfinish’ powder, I use it instead of a foundation as it feels light on my skin and evens it out nicely. It’s a good post & you definitely don’t need makeup – your skin looks good – all the healthy lifestyle is paying out!

  7. I love makeup!!! sometimes i go into the bathroom and sit there for hours and just play with all the makeup i have! you look sooo pretty!

  8. Iulia

    What is your shade in NARS foundation?

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