If you guessed

that I prepared meringue for a pie, then you were right!

Not just any pie, however. My mimi’s famous chocolate pie. Let me tell you a little story. Several family members have attempted to bake this chocolate pie but no one can get it right except for my mimi.

Until now.

They were very impressed with the chocolate pie at our Christmas party since no one has been able to make it correctly. (They don’t let it thicken up enough) Needless to say, it was a boost to my baking ego.



Filed under Baking, Holiday 2009

8 responses to “If you guessed

  1. great pie making skillz!

  2. Oh wow that pie looks delicious.

  3. YUM! Sounds like a great pie 🙂

  4. O-M-G. Now I’m craving chocolate pie.

  5. HOLY moly!! That’s a rocking pie….like..>Store-bought beautiful. I bet it tastes amazing too!!! *drool*

  6. That pie looks AMAZING lady – YUM! It looks like a pro made it!

  7. lowandbhold

    That looks great! Meringue seems super hard to make. I’m impressed!

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