I played pretend this afternoon. I was next to a warm, cozy fire in the mountains in Colorado.

(Sorry for the bad lighting.)

Hans and I want to eventually end up in Denver or in Würzburg, Germany (where we lived for 6 weeks this summer). So, it was nice to dream about our future together this afternoon. Mid-daydream, I ate a Glo bar as an afternoon snack.

Glo bars melted in the micro is like another dream.

I was feeling like a sloth after all that daydreaming so I did power yoga for 45 minutes from yogadownload then made myself presentable and headed out to visit with my dad for the evening.

My *I am feeling lazy but wanna look semi-cute outfit*

My dad has completely mastered two dishes- spaghetti and chili. So, naturally I knew what I was having for dinner when I heard he had made a pot of chili.

I had some saltines on the side.

I don’t eat red meat too often, but I will make an exception for anything that my dad or my mother in law cooks.

Hhmm.. I have the choice to meet my old high school friends at a pub or to watch the movie Jack Frost. What to do.. what to do… haha 😉



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10 responses to “Daydreaming

  1. love your outfit!! i dont eat red meat ever either, i would def eat it if my mom or dad in law made it for me! haha.

  2. Enjoy the chili, my favorite winter meal…saltines included.

  3. Molly

    mmm yummy chili!

  4. Errign

    Mmmm, I think chili is such a comforting meal on a cold day & I love how adaptable it is – beef, chicken, veggie, quinoa, etc! So convenient!

    Happy almost Friday!

  5. We’ve tried everything in chili. Ground chicken, ground turkey, veggies, just beans… None of it is better than really really lean ground beef. I think eating chili is the only time I eat red meat. Your dad’s chili looks delicious!

  6. Glo bars in the microwave?! That sound like an even better way to enjoy them! Happy Friday 🙂

  7. cute outfit! and that chili looks really good 🙂

  8. A day of daydreaming sounds wonderful to me right now. Glad you had a good, relaxing day!

  9. Cute outfit. I love the pairing of knee boots with jeans.

  10. I wanna be in Colorado someday as well!

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