I’m dreaming of a white

potato soup… that’s not how the popular holiday song goes but it was sure what I was dreaming about last night. My dad made one of the best soups that has touched my young adult taste buds. After I licked my bowl clean, I immediately called to ask him how he created heaven in a bowl.

It was savory and creamy but it was not heavy at all. My dad told me that he sauteed a chopped onion and some garlic. Boiled some potatoes and drained them of water. Then added the onion, potato and garlic with some milk and half & half with salt and pepper to taste. Now, surely it could not be this easy and taste so good. But it was, in fact, this easy and this good. On the side, I had half of a cornbread muffin.

It got me to thinking. If this soup recipe was so easy and delicious, then there must be more out there with the same concept. Genius thinking, I know. Sometimes I just get caught up in cooking “gourmet” that I forget about the simplicity of a tried and true good recipe.

Take a look at my oatmeal mug from this morning. I received it as a Christmas gift from my hairdresser. It’s a funny little quote that is 100% true when it comes to any hair salon that I have ever been to. 😉

“Rumors Salon… Where we don’t repeat gossip. So, listen carefully.”


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7 responses to “I’m dreaming of a white

  1. Hans

    I’m dreaming of you 😉 See you on the cold side soon foxy!

  2. awww..what a cute comment from the hubby! love it!

    That baked potato soup looks delicious–think your dad can ship me some ? 🙂

  3. Oh man, that looks like it hits the spot!!

  4. Lizzy

    i love this mug!!! I would totally love to try potato soup cause this looks amazing! 🙂


  5. that soup looks sooo good!!!

  6. lowandbhold

    I love potato soup! I’ve made it a few times and it is pretty simple.

    Love the mug!

  7. That soup looks so good! Very awesome that even though it was creamy it wasn’t heavy at all!

    P.S. If you or any of your readers are interested, I have a giveaway on my blog for a Plan a Meal bundle! Thanks!

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