Dancing Reindeers

Only the reindeers weren’t dancing, they were humping. And the curious polar bear decided to join in.

My Saturday night involved “dancing reindeers.” But let’s rewind shall we? Before all the rendevouz shenanigans went down, the evening started elegant pizza dinner with my mom, and a family friend. You may think that pizza is anything but elegant but you will change your mind in an instant when you state Hideaway pizza. When I am back in Tulsa, visiting family, I always make a point to come here.. no other American pizza could be better! We started out with an appetizer of fried mushrooms.

This is about the only thing that I enjoy fried. They are addictingly delicious.

My mom and I shared a medium pizza. On one half, the veggie combo- red sauce, mozzarella, green peppers, Roma tomatoes, red onions, black olives and mushrooms. On the other half, the Chicken Florentine- Hideaway pesto sauce, spinach, mozzarella and feta cheeses, garlic chicken, sliced mushrooms and topped with minced garlic, I also added sundried tomatoes.

Hideaway’s crust is the perfect in between of thick and thin pizza. It’s not so thick that you can’t enjoy the toppings but you can still taste the doughy pleasure in every bite. I devoured two slices of the Chicken Florentine.

Fantastic! So fantastic, in fact, that I didn’t even care about my horrid garlic breath afterward. After dinner, we drove around some huge houses to look at the Christmas lights and then it was time for the wine tasting. I went to the same event last year but one of my good friends came along too. It was an “adult” party so most people there were ranging from 30 to 50. I felt a bit awkward without my gal pal there but I got over it after the first glass of wine.

I got a name tag! My mom’s name was “yummy”.. haha.

It wasn’t a traditional wine tasting but it was fun! Each person received a list of wines A-K, then we had to rate them and vote which one was the best.

This girl is hard to please on the wine front. I like em’ dry and red. There was a lovely spread of appetizers for the guests of the wine tasting.

Nothing that I was too interested in except for the white trash.

No, not that white trash. This one 😉

I had a few tipsy undocumented handfuls. I can attest to the fact that cereal, M&Ms and white chocolate go perfectly well together. I can also attest that this is the best Holiday drink.

Bailey’s and Peppermint Schnapps. But no, the night didn’t end there. It was full of gossip, spilled beverages and efficient ways of cleaning the mess up.

The best part of the evening was spending it with my mom. (Isn’t she a little hottie?) I am sad to leave her in one week.

I think this napkin sums up the night pretty well.



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11 responses to “Dancing Reindeers

  1. ahh you were in Tulsa! how fun! I need to drive up to Tulsa sometime–simply for the Whole Foods. And yes , Hideaway is pretty awesome!

  2. Lizzy

    awww you and your mom are adorable!!!! i’ve always wanted to go to a wine tasting and i think it would be such a fun time to share with my sister and mom perhaps! I’m so happy you had a nice weekend! 🙂


  3. that pizza looks heavenly!! and your mom is adorable!! you look gorgeous-love the hat

  4. haha, such fun! Your mom is gorgeous!

  5. Looks like fun, I love your hat btw.

  6. The pizza looks gorgeous 🙂
    You and your Mum look so alike.

  7. How fun! White trash is so good – it’s like puppy chows evil cousin. You and your mom look great! Glad you guys had a fun time together!

  8. haha OMG I totally forgot ppl did that!! So funny.

    And what a nice night with your mom! I’ve heard that Bailey’s+Shnapps creation is good, and I must say, I’m very jealous you were at a wine tasting party!

    Love your hat, and both you and your mom are beautiful!

  9. looks like such a fun night with your mom! and the jeans look supercute 🙂

  10. lowandbhold

    Haha, LOVED this post. I have never heard of white trash but it sounds amazing… and fitting for Oklahoma 😉

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