No to the veggies

During the week of Thanksgiving, the last thing on my mind was veggies. I was trying to prepare a tremendous amount of desserts the days leading up to the holiday and I had my mind set on the perfect balance of indulgence on Thanksgiving day. So, vegetables got put on the back burner. But, that’s alright because I am bringing them back this week.

I tried brussels sprouts last winter and had to spit them out and throw them away. Blech, I hated them. Their bitterness and mushy texture turned me straight away.

So, what veggie did I eat with dinner last night?

Roast them in the oven with a squirt of maple syrup, garlic and some butter and they turn into a vegetable sent from the gods 😉

[i heart butter- my mantra.. always use the real stuff!!]

The bitterness of the vegetable was actually nice with the hint of sweetness from the maple syrup. And the mushiness turned into a desirable crunch. Yum!

What is your most hated vegetable that you learned to love?


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7 responses to “No to the veggies

  1. I can’t live WITHOUT brussels sprouts – mmm, mmm.

  2. Lizzy

    i used to hate brussels sprouts too, but now i like them. i’m not a fan of them steamed, but when there roasted i LOVE them!

  3. I felt the same about sprouts. I’ve hated them most of my life, then tried the last year and loved them, it’s weird.

  4. when i was a kid i hated mushrooms and now they may possibly be my favorite food. your sprouts look great!

  5. Mmm anything is better with butter..

    for me…broccoli! And now I eat it weekly..smothered in marinera and parm lol

  6. lowandbhold

    I still haven’t quite come to love brussels. I don’t hate them, but I just don’t think I’ve executed them right yet. They’re always too chewey and it turns me off.

    Yours sound good though!

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