Glitz and Glam

After all those shiny-sequined outfits at the AMA’s last night, I was pumped to go to the mall for some fun. I didn’t end up buying anything but I tried on some new outfits and got my make up done by Sephora. I don’t wear that much make up on an every day basis but I wanted something new for when I get all dolled up for an evening on the town.

Do you like my party make up?

I do. It’s hard to get used to wearing make up since I don’t usually wear this much but for a night out, it’s perfect.

I also tried on some clothes at Express. A black mini skirt and a silver top.

Perfect for a holiday party. I think I could find a better shirt though, I didn’t like this one too much.

The infamous boyfriend jeans from Gap. Hans loves baggy jeans on a girl. He says it makes her look sexy and care-free.

I might have to give them a try just because they were so freaking comfortable.

What do you think about the above finds?


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11 responses to “Glitz and Glam

  1. LOOOVE the makeup and clothes!

  2. Lizzy

    i seriously LOVVVVE the makeup on you! you look STUNNING!!!!!!

    I work at Gap and i adore those boyfriend jeans too, and the clothes from express were soo pretty!!!!

  3. I love, love, love your make-up! Those jeans look so comfy!

  4. mycupofteas

    love the make up and those boyfriend jeans! Cute and comfy :)!

  5. your makeup looks hot! i wish i was good at applying makeup. i am so bad at it haha. i really like all those clothes~you have great taste!

  6. Hi Haleigh thanks for the comment.
    I love your make up, your eyes really pop out and look smoking. I love the outfits too and I agree about the baggy jeans, they’re so comfortable and sexy too 🙂

    Taylor@Joy of Food

  7. i love the makeup! and those jeans do look super comfy 🙂

  8. Um hello gorgeous! Not that you don’t always look beautiful but holy glamazon girl!

  9. OMG. That makeup is gorg! I hope you bought every single thing. I am a huge makeup whore, so that is my fave of all of the above, but I also think the jeans + red shirt are supes cute.

    ♥ your hair too! Girl you are too glam for words!

  10. the makeup is GORGEOUS! and im loving those jeans!! i wanna try them on 🙂

  11. lowandbhold

    You look gorgeous! Love it!

    You really work the boyfriend jeans. I’m not sure I can pull it off. Gotta keep the hubby happy right 😉

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