American Music Awards

Did you catch the AMA’s last night? What did you think?

I was disappointed with the red carpet looks at the AMA’s, to say the least. Nothing really ‘wowed’ me in that department.

AMA red carpet fashion was all about the shine, glitter, and bedazzle, an eye opening look.




















Way. Too. Much. The dress drowns her. Rihanna is a fierce and strong woman but I did not think this dress did her any justice.




















Shakira has a hot body. This tight, bright ensemble shows it off nicely.




















We have a fashionista in the making on our hands here. She looks stunning and most importantly, she is appropriately dressed for her age without taking away from the outfit.




















Nice legs Fergie-Ferg!! The dress? Meh. Not so much. It looks like it weighs a ton.




















No, no, no… like blue much Alicia? Such a shame. Alicia is a beautiful, young woman and this blue mess does nothing for her.




















I am on the fence with this one. Kate could have done something with her hair. It looks like she rolled out of bed and put it in a pony tail. And where are her boobies? tehehe.. couldn’t resist.




















Flawless skin and make up. I like the dress but it’s not my favorite. She is just trying too hard in this photo and she always comes off as looking bitchy.




















I may be prejudice toward Carrie Underwood since she is from my home state of Oklahoma BUT she looks amazing here aside from the hair. She pulls off the glitter glam look without it being too much and the dress fits her perfectly and I love how it cinches in to show off her tiny waist.




















Rocker Diva. Leona pulls of sweet and sexy with one look.




















Hot arm candy Nicole but this is an epic fail.




















At first glance, I did not like this but look at it again I think I do? Kristen had good intentions with this look but I don’t think she quite pulled it off.

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So, who do I think is the best and worst dressed?

Worst dressed goes to Nicole Kidman. Hands down. The lace, the length, the off the shoulder.. it just doesn’t work together. Nice try though.

Best dressed goes to Carrie Underwood. Absolute perfection. She should think of hiring a new hair stylist though.

What did you think of the red carpet looks at the AMA’s? or perhaps you were more into the performances? I loved Lady Gaga’s performance. She definitely delivered. Adam Lambert was pitchy and obviously wanted the shock factor, I think he tried too hard. None of the other performances really stood out to me.


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4 responses to “American Music Awards

  1. Fun post! I loved Carrie + Shakira. Everyone else’s dresses were sort of meh, me thinks. Well, Selena Gomez, hers is cute too!

    Worst by far was Rihanna! That dress was just ridiculous!

    As far as performances, well Adam Lambert was just over the top. Sad too, I liked him on Idol and thought he was a great performer.

  2. Eww, I didn’t like any of the outfits last night. lol

  3. I didn’t watch the AMA’s but I always have and always will adore Carrie. Love her!

  4. lowandbhold

    Love this! You could do this for a living 😉

    I agree that Carrie looked great and I like Shakira’s dress. As for best dressed on stage I think Shakira definitely took it. All the other performer’s outfits were ill fitting I thought.

    Selena Gomez is adorable!

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