The best of both worlds

Can you believe that the beginning of the holiday season is right around the corner?

I can’t wait for turkey, casseroles and pie 🙂 Oh, and I can’t forget about black friday! I will be hitting the mall at 6 am. Yes, I am that person.

You didn’t think that my dad’s birthday celebration only included cake did you? Another love of my father’s is Mexican food. He makes his own salsa and won’t step inside Los Cabos (one of the trendy Mexican restaurants in Tulsa) because the salsa is not up to par. Luckily, On the Border passed my dad’s critical taste test- the food and the salsa.

I wanted to order fajitas but I knew that there was no way that I could eat all of it and I don’t like leftovers (I know, the horror). My dilemma was solved once I saw that they had Chicken Fajita Tacos on the menu. Two flour tortillas with fajita chicken and lettuce. I smothered the *fajitacos??* with salsa and guacamole, naturally. My dish was also served with black beans and grilled vegetables.


Fajitacos- gone. Guacamole- gone. Salsa- gone. Yum! I love Mexican food. But, then again.. who doesn’t?

My dad. Probably contemplating whether or not a chain restaurant’s salsa is good enough to even touch his miraculous taste buds. Ha!

My little brother and my littlest step brother.

They look like they are up to something? As always.

Happy Saturday!


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