Hello sunshine

The weekend is here! πŸ™‚

After feeling like a dark cloud has been above my head for several days, I am happy that today.. I could finally feel the sunshine. Things are turning around with ‘the situation’ that I had to deal with this week and it looks like it is all going to work out with minimal damage. You guys never cease to amaze me! Thank you for all of your sweet comments this week. And also about my long hair! I was so thrilled that you noticed! You see, after I got married.. I decided to be a rebel and cut my long beautiful hair 10+ inches.


I adored the cut for a few months but quickly realized it was not me. It was a sassy cut that I could play up, and it was fun for awhile but I missed my long hair terribly. I felt naked all the time without it.. and I hated the fact that my tattoo on the back of my neck was out in the open for all to see. I love my tattoo but I like that I can keep it a secret with my hair.


My outfit at work today complete with borrowed BCBG bag from mom. Yay for casual Friday! Work went smoothly, but I have been averaging 3 hours of sleep each night since Sunday. I felt nauseated, and like a train had parked itself on my head. So, I took a nap, a 30 minute nap but a nap nonetheless.


With Mr. Alligator. Hans and I got Mr. Alligator at the Ikea trip for our 1st apartment together in Sweden. It’s as close as I can get to my hubby. I think this is one of the reasons that I am having trouble sleeping- along with stress. I am not used to sleeping alone in a big bed, I am thinking of getting a body pillow.. hopefully that will help me out some.

I have to admit that my eating hasn’t been the best since I started working a few weeks ago. I find myself grabbing a granola bar and rushing out the door. So, today I made a point to sit down and enjoy a real breakfast.


Chocolate Overload Oatmeal. 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 banana, brown sugar, cinnamon, white chocolate wonderful PB, and chocolate chips. Yep, way better than a rushed granola bar.

I managed to have a sit down lunch today too. Well done Haleigh. (Yes I talk to myself) A flat out w/a veggie burger, spinach, fresh tomatoes straight from my dad’s garden and ketchup.


This was taken before I dumped ketchup all over it.


My aunt had a hayride and a bonfire out at her house tonight. It was a blast!! I haven’t been to one of those things in years. Of course, I used it as an excuse to wear my pink scarf.


A hot dog and s’mores were most definitely consumed. I was too busy enjoying the company to snap a photo- you understand πŸ˜‰ Oh and I can’t forget about the Bailey’s hot chocolate. One of my favorites.

Have you ever cut your hair and deeply regretted it? I don’t regret cutting my hair off last year but it took such a long time to get it back, which makes the cute, playful short cut not really worth it to me.

Goodnight! xoxo


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8 responses to “Hello sunshine

  1. So a year back I chopped off my really long hair, I realized it only recently when i saw one of the older pictures.

    I miss them now!

  2. Dude, I SPONTANEOUSLY got my hair cut yesterday – not it’s above my chin. I love it though πŸ™‚

    And I love your ‘do too!

  3. lowandbhold

    Glad things are getting better girl! I hope you start getting more sleep soon!

    Every time I’ve ever cut my hair short I’ve hated it. I just don’t think my face looks right with short hair.

  4. 3 hours?! Hope you get some sleep!! At least you’ve been eating some delicious meals!

    I have really long hair so whenever I tell her to cut the dead ends, I feel like she cuts a foot off and then I hate it for a good 2 weeks.

  5. I cut my hair to be SUPER SHORT my sophomore year in college – like spikey short – 3/4 of an inch all over. I loved it for a few months, but found that I was always wearing a hat to stay warm, and that I missed having hair to play with. I have been working on growing my hair out pretty much ever since. It was well past my collar bone, but I had my stylist trim a few inches off this afternoon πŸ™‚

  6. Lizzy

    I have curly hair, so no matter what length it is mine always is shorter then it really is. if i were to ever straighten it right now i think it would go down past my boobs. LOL. I love your hair long tho! You should do a comparison photo so we can see the difference!


  7. Oh man, haircuts. Uh, when I was a senior in HS I went in for a *trim* and asked for a few light layers. The hairdresser cut off 10 inches and completely butchered my hair. I was irate. I had to go back in and have it evened out but by that time it was way too short.

    The worst part? My bf at the time took one look at me and broke up with me. Ass. I still think of him as the one that got away….

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