Good evening!

This week has been legendary in the book of bad weeks. A lot of things have happened that have resulted in about 3 hours of sleep every night since Sunday.

Miss VeggieGirl’s post really struck something inside of me. It was like she was describing my exact feelings. So, I tried to cheer myself up by looking down.


My doggie Lucky. We got him when I was 8 years old. It is starting to break my heart because he is losing his hearing and he is starting to have minor arthritis problems. I love him so much. He slept with me until I graduated from high school. He has seen me through thick and thin- and he loves me no less. My day just got better.

Moving on. My outfit today was thrown together in 2 minutes because I was running late.


A simple red sweater and the usual black express dress pants. I don’t have many “career woman” outfits. But luckily, tomorrow is jeans Friday 🙂

I have become the definition of a frugalista lately. Case in point: part of tonight’s dinner was a PB&J.


Although my childhood self did not enjoy such a foodie pb&j. I was all about the jif and grape jelly back in the day. Good thing I have made the upgrade to White Chocolate Wonderful and Raspberry Jam. Still. Not much has changed since elementary school 😉


Don’t get me wrong. PB&J, Grilled Cheese, and Hummus Wraps are some of my favorite foods. But, they are starting to get a bit old.

Do you have any ideas for frugalista meals that are not the above? All suggestions are appreciated 🙂 xoxo


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10 responses to “Frugalista

  1. i JUST read veggie girl’s post and it made me smile.. and now your puparoo put a grin on my face too! my most frugal meal as of late is annie’s mac+ground turkey+broccoli.

  2. Love the puppies!! What about savory oats or stir fries? They’re pretty cheap once you buy your mix ins?

  3. Lucky looks so much like my little dog Arthur 🙂

    Any type of bean/veggie soup or bean/rice/veggie combo is super frugalista. I love pumpkin/white bean soup, white bean/spinach soup, lentil/veggie soup, black bean soup . . . the list goes on!

    hang in there!

  4. Aw the doggie is so sweeett!

  5. I was just thinking Lucky looks just like Vani’s dog, Arthur! Will you guys be getting a dog of your own some day? Your hair looks AWESOME. Just so ya know.

    Frugal foods: home made soup. I make a potato & broccoli soup that’s bursting with flavor, and especially around this time of year it’s so cheap! You make a bunch as well, so it’s good for the week. Chickpea or other vegetable curries (as long as you have the herbs & spices, but once you do, it’s UBER cheap). Peas & fish sticks/fingers. Salad & grilled goat’s cheese. Pancakes (using flour, milk, eggs, not something from a packet). Grilled portobello sandwich.

  6. Some good frugal meals that I fix are stuffed shells (one batch makes plenty of leftovers), bean and cheese quesadillas, rice and beans, potato soup, and frittatas. I also like to make chicken and use the leftovers in other dishes, too 🙂

  7. lowandbhold

    Aww Lucky looks like a sweetie! Your hair is getting long girl! Looks great 🙂

  8. Errign

    Hmm, oats, pastas, big batches of soups, eggs – my brain is failing me at the moment.

    Giving away a bracelet on my blog if you need something to cheer you up 🙂

  9. Lucky is so cute. I have a miniature mixed collie. I went o visit her today, at Mom’s till end of the year! My dog always makes me smile.

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