Interesting Evening

The question of the night was: What the hell did you put in those margaritas??? Anyway, let’s rewind a bit.

My mom and I had one of her friends over for dinner last night. Now, if you know my mom then you know that she never has dinner parties. But, she remodeled her house recently. So, now why shouldn’t she? She needs to show it off!


Our Saturday involved several errands to prepare for the dinner soirée.

C’est la mode.


I love flanel in the fall. Not only is it comfortable but you can turn redneck into chic. Although it doesn’t feel like fall. Yesterday it hit 80 degrees. Really, Oklahoma, really? I don’t think we got the memo that it’s supposed to be cold this time of year.

I am trying to grow out my bangs, hence the headband in every photo.


Since I received Marie-Anne the macbook, I have been able to talk to my hot husband on skype. Skype is the easiest (and cheapest) way to talk trans-Atlantic.


Of course, facebook was in the cards too. Sexy glasses, Hans.

The evening started out innocent enough.


with a taco spread- lean ground beef, lettuce, tomato, salsa, flour & corn tortillas, and hard tortilla shells.


and the star.


A mountain of guacamole.

And then the margaritas were poured. I had 1.5 margaritas and then the drunk tipsy photos of myself started coming in at fool force.




A shot up the nose. Lovely.



This leads me to the question.. what the hell were in those margaritas?? 1.5 drinks has never affected me like that. I did some thinking when I woke up this morning- with a headache. When I looked back on my calorie intake for yesterday it was extremely low which leads to a lightweight being even more of a lightweight. We were running around the whole day, I just didn’t have the time to eat much. Let’s just say the night ended with a couple (or 3) of homemade brownies. Hey, at least I made up for my calorie deficit.

When I woke up this morning, I immediately made friends with my water bottle.


Hi friend. Now, I will devour you.


I am feeling better already.


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6 responses to “Interesting Evening

  1. Lovin’ the digs! 😀 Cute pics!

  2. Sarah

    You look adorable!
    That guacamole also looks incredible. Did you make it yourself or is it store bought?

  3. Errign

    That happened to me last night too – except I am not a lightweight! I had one hot toddy of hot chocolate/creme de menthe & one beer & I woke up this morning feeling like CRAP. Hate that.

    Giveaway on my blog!

  4. haha margaritas are a different animal when it comes to drinks I think. They are my favorite, but even the most experienced drinker must be careful!

    Glad you had a good night 🙂

  5. lowandbhold

    Haha I love all those pics! I’ve become a lightweight too. I used to think I could hold my alcohol, but not anymore!

  6. Lizzy

    i love that your inlove with your macbook! we are total twins!

    Skype is wonderful, and i’m so happy your able to talk to hans on there!

    I’m a lightweight too, so your not the only one! hehe 🙂

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