Back for good

Sorry I have been MIA for about 3 weeks. With Hans’ family coming to visit, going to NYC, driving to Tulsa, starting a new job, missing my husband and my laptop breaking- blogging was almost impossible. Blogging has become my creative corner and I truly missed writing and expressing myself. What have I been enjoying lately?

Plenty of nourishing vegetables.


Glo bars (!!!) Awake


I could smell the coffee aroma as soon as I opened the package.


and Empower


Empower is my favorite- with a subtle coffee flavor, and dark chocolate. What could honestly be better? My two loves made into one. Of course, it tastes better knowing that it’s vegan and made with organic ingredients. And to top it off, I have been reading Angela’s blog since it first started about a year ago. She puts so much hard work and passion into her baked goods and it really shows when you take that first bite.

I created a unique wrap combination the other day.


A flat out wrap with gouda, cloudberry jam and spinach. If you haven’t had the chance to try cloudberry jam- you really should. It is hard to find but the taste is different than any other jam or marmalade.

What is life without candy? No life of mine.


I love to bake. For other people. I would rather have a candy bar than the best chocolate cake ever made.


C’est la mode

I love fashion. But my style has been on a hiatus for awhile due to financial and other issues but it’s making it’s way back. I have grown a lot in the last few years with my style of clothing and I continue to grow and change direction. I like what I like and that’s the end of it. This is my outfit that I wore to work the other day. After taking this photo, I decided it needed something else so I added a red scarf.


Much better. Although it is 75 degrees but I decided that the month of November is officially fall clothing no matter if it is 75 or 32. Thus, the scarf stayed even when it got warm. 😉

Enjoy your Saturday!



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6 responses to “Back for good

  1. aww you look beautiful girl!! glad that you found the time for blogging again- i know you enjoy it so much:)
    what a creative wrap combo!

  2. Glad to see you back! And hell yes for fashion 🙂

  3. Any bar that smells like coffee is a good bar in my book! That wrap combo sounds delicious – I’ve never heard of cloudberry.

    Love the outfit and I love that you added the red scarf! Black, white, and red are one of my favorite outfit color combinations 🙂

  4. Lizzy

    you look amazing with that red scarf! i think its so much fun to be creative with clothes, you can make so many outfits with everything you have!

    That wrap you made looks amazing! yumm

  5. You’re back with me 🙂 OMG blog twins, haha. You look so cute! And snickers are my downfall… there’s just something so yummy about them, although I heard some really nasty things about the company that makes them, so I try to remind myself to stay away.

    Ooooh the wrap looks So good.

  6. lowandbhold

    Glad you’re back! It’s been a busy time for you, that’s for sure!

    Love the outfit! I’ve been dressing for Fall too, despite the warm weather 🙂

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