On that note

PC or Mac?? Hmmm… Hans says a mac but mom says PC?? I am confused so I will do some research but I wanted to ask you all what your thoughts are?


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14 responses to “On that note

  1. J

    Who takes computer advice from their mom? Get a mac.

  2. Bec

    sorry to hear about your computer, I’d go with a mac!

  3. Allison R.

    Mac ALL the way. I got a PC going into my freshman year, not a crappy one either, and within 2 years it broke. I now have a Mac and am ABSOLUTELY in love.

  4. lowandbhold

    MAC!!! Only way to go 🙂 Have the commercials not convinced you yet??

  5. Sorry to have to go against your mom’s advice, but definitely a mac. Wish I had one.

  6. daddyfumanchu

    at the mo i got a pc, but really….MAC!

  7. Leslie

    Mac, Mac, Mac. It’s simply more fun.

  8. Errign

    I have only ever had PCs, never a Mac, so I’ll stay out of this one – not being able to make any sort of informed push one way or another!

  9. balancejoyanddelicias

    get a MAC!!!

  10. I am going to say mac, I have had mine for almost five years now and love it. I’m going to be very sad when I have to get a new computer – she has seen me through 3 years of college and 2 years in the grown-up world so far 🙂

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