Any one out there?

Hi! Do I still have any readers? haha.. I got back from nyc late last night and let’s just say I was a bit shaken up by the time I finally entered my apartment. I arrived at Newark airport at 4 and quickly found out that my flight had been delayed, originally my flight left at 5:30 but we didn’t actually get out until close to 9. It was a bumpy flight, but I made it to CLT in one piece. Second problem was that Hans had flew out the day before for his job training in England (boo!) so he left the car in daily parking for me. Yeah, I couldn’t find it. It was getting close to midnight and I was scared walking around in the dark. Finally, I spotted the car and thought my troubles were over. Nope. I got lost driving home in the dark because it was poorly lit and I couldn’t see. I had to stop at a gas station and ask for directions in a not so nice area of Charlotte. I thought I was gonna pee my pants, no joke. But, luckily I finally got home at 12:20 and I just sat on the couch and started bawling my eyes out. I came home to an empty apartment since Hans left on Sunday and I was scared shitless. Well, enough of the cry fest. Despite my horrible mood today, it has been quite the contrary until yesterday afternoon. Let’s start with Thursday in nyc. The day that I arrived.


We arrived in nyc in the early afternoon and we had the whole day to ourselves. Me, Emma and Evelyn headed out to walk around a bit. We stopped in time square in awe and went our merry way. After the Viati group (Hans’ dad’s business) got back from dinner, Emma handed over my niece Ida-Maria to the grandparents and we went to the top of the View in the Marriott for some very expensive yet enjoyable drinks. I did have some photos, but somehow they disappeared? Lovely. So, all I have for you today is a photo that I took while I was exploring.

nyc 002

I will be back later tonight! xoxo


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9 responses to “Any one out there?

  1. Yikes, that sounds so scary! Glad you got back home safely!

    Love the picture!

  2. I missed you! I’m so sorry that you had such a bad experience at the airport, honey. 😦 I just want to hug you.

  3. I’m always reading! 🙂

  4. Errign

    Glad you made in home safely, sorry you had a totally SUCK experience at the airport & driving home!

  5. Ahh not a fun trip home! I’m glad you’re safe and sound now! Can’t wait for the mega update 🙂

  6. Sarah

    You definitely still have readers!

  7. Glad you made it back, it sux when flights are delayed.

  8. lowandbhold

    Sorry about your scary night. I would have cried too! Hope things get better soon!

  9. OMG that sounds so scary! I am so glad that you made it safely!!

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