Hi bloggies!! Oh, how I have missed you. All is well with family Ekström. We were reunited late last night around 11pm at the airport. Hans and I got to meet our baby niece for the first time. She is beautiful and the most sweet tempered baby I have ever been around. She is smiling non-stop and I have only heard her cry once. She is perfect in her Aunt Haleigh’s eyes.


Tonight was my first time to cook a 3 course meal for a crowd. I thought that I would be stressed and that nothing would go as planned but the whole evening went smoothly. Planning had a lot to do with this. I planned out the menu earlier this week and wrote down the grocery list so I had plenty of time to mentally prepare. My goal was to make a combination of Swedish and Fall/Thanksgiving food.

Swedish Thanksgiving Infusion Menu

Appetizer: Baked brie with cranberries, walnuts and rosemary served with some crackers.


Main Entree: Pork Tenderloin with rosemary-cranberry reduction



poatoes au gratin


and broccoli.


Dessert: Pumpkin Pie with maple-whipped topping.


The baked brie was the perfect casual appetizer. We enjoyed it with champagne to celebrate the recent marriage of Hans’ brother and his wife and the birth of their beautiful baby girl.


Every one seemed to love the tenderloin with rosemary-cranberry reduction and the potatoes au gratin. Of course, we enjoyed a glass of Merlot to compliment dinner. Red wine is always served with a good meal in Sweden, and now I can never eat a delicious meal without wine.

My plate: Pork tenderloin with rosemary-cranberry reduction.


Potatoes au gratin and broccoli.


I made my grandma’s recipe for Pumpkin Pie for dessert. It was good, but not near as good as when my grandma makes it. But, that’s okay.. because every other course was perfect and delicious. Not saying that the pumpkin pie wasn’t good because it was but not the best I have had. No worries, it was my first pie ever. So, definitely good enough 😉 The top of the pie broke in several different places so I made a maple-whipped topping at the last minute to spread on the top to make it look pretty. Good choice.


I had a small sliver of pumpkin pie, it was just a few bites. Enough to satisfy my sweet tooth monster. I can really overdo it sometimes with sweets so I was proud that I had a tiny piece.

This meal was all that I had planned and hoped that it would be.. Good food, good wine and precious time with family. I just wish that I could have gotten some better photos to document it. But, unfortunately when the sun goes down.. food photos in my apartment just aren’t up to par.

Have you ever entertained before? How did it turn out? and were you nervous? I was nervous at first until I realized that every one was enjoying what I had prepared for them. 🙂 I am hitting the sac early tonight, we are leaving for the NC mountains right after breakfast tomorrow. xoxo


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10 responses to “Infusion

  1. What a beautiful baby girl! Your evening of entertaining looked like it went so well – it’s evident you took the time to plan, and you should be proud of your work! 🙂 Enjoy the time with family in the mountains! 🙂

  2. OMG that is the most amazingest dinner ever! I love the brie cheese appie to bits and the pie oh the pie looks heavenly! Awh your niece is so adorable! Have fun with Hans’ family this weekend =)

  3. mmm the potatoes and the baked brie sound delicious!! looks like one great dinner to me!

  4. balancejoyanddelicias

    great dinner~ I love entertaining my family/friends with good food! 🙂

  5. lowandbhold

    Looks so good! I’m super impressed. Your niece is adorable.

  6. Wow!! Next time you cook up a feast like that, I’m coming over 😉

    Glad it went off without a hitch! What a beautiful baby!!

  7. Errign

    What a cutie your new niece is!

    Congrats on a successful time entertaining. Your food looks ah-mazzzzing.

  8. What a gorgeous baby girl! Your dinner looks fabulous – I love au gratin potatoes, they’re so creamy and delicious! The pie also looks delicious, pumpkin pie is one of my favorites 🙂

  9. OH. MY. GAWD. You cooked all this? Holey moley, my eyes are rolling into the back of my head. You should open a fancy-pants restaurant, girlie-o! This is an incredible spread!

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