Can you pass the pickles?

I am so glad that I pushed myself to go to the gym this morning. I had so many things working against me- my sadness, the rain, the cold, feeling lazy but I got my workout gear on and headed out the door anyway. And ya know what? I had an amazing treadmill run. I ran 4 miles and was averaging 9 min miles. That is really fast for me. I feel like I got my ‘running groove’ back after having crappy runs the past week. Yay!! I also did some arm and ab exercises. I was nice and sweaty when I was done and feeling 100% better about myself and the situation.

Lunch was interesting. We had some TJ’s chicken sausages to use up so I made a hot dog with 1 slice of whole wheat toast, spinach and ketchup with some pickles on the side.


I love pickles, but I hate cucumbers. I will pick them out of everything. I think it is the texture that I don’t like. I didn’t know that pickles were actually cucumbers until less than a year ago. It’s actually a funny story. So I am gonna ramble a bit πŸ˜‰ Last year, my grandma came to visit me in Sweden. Hans’ grandparents had every one over for dinner to cook a traditional meal. I think it was something like meat, sauce and pickles? I don’t know, some weird Scandinavian dish. Well, Hans said “Kan du skicka den inlagda gurkan?” which means something along the lines of can you pass the cucumbers? Well, little did I know that ‘gurkan’ could mean cucumbers or pickles in Swedish. I did know that it meant cucumbers. So, me being the smart girl that I am, looked at him like he was dumb and said “Hans why did you ask for the cucumbers? Those are pickles!” Well, it turns out that in Swedish they have only one word for both cucumbers and pickles… which is how I found out how pickles were made from cucumbers. Every one looked at me and started laughing. They didn’t think I was being serious. Yeah. They still tease me about it any time a pickle is around. Oh, well.. I guess I will never live that one down πŸ˜‰

Enough rambling for now. I was still a bit hungry so I had a fresh apple for lunch dessert.


Have you ever had any ditzy moments that you can’t live down? Please tell πŸ™‚


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8 responses to “Can you pass the pickles?

  1. Lizzy

    I won’t even tell you about some ditzy moments of mine! girl we all have them! πŸ™‚

    So proud of that run of yours! see i new you had it in you!

  2. wohoo for going a 9 minute mile! I’m pretty sure I’m still a 10 minute mile girl but I’ll be working on that once i get home. Urgh I’ve had one pretty ditzy moment and my mom won’t let me live it down… one time she had a mosquito on her arm and i was like ahh watch your going to get the green mile and she was like um what? you mean west nile virus. Yep I don’t think I will ever live that one down.

  3. oh hooray! good to hear you pushed yourself to the gym and felt incredible afterward. crazy how a good sweat sesh can do that, eh? how funny, my roomie HATES pickles and loves cukes, and my bestie is like you, LOVES pickles and hates cukes! i love them both πŸ™‚ i have had plenty of blonde moments, but one doesn’t come to mind right now πŸ˜› xo

  4. Aww! That’s too funny about the ‘lost in translation’ pickle v. cucumber issue πŸ˜‰

    This past Monday I had a ditzy moment actually. My friend was driving into a tunnel and I go, “WOW! It’s REALLY dark in this tunnel, where are the lights?!” Literally .2 seconds later I realized I was wearing my sunglasses!

  5. lowandbhold

    Haha, I am not sure it can be considered ditzy when you were having the convo in another language!

    I’m the queen of ditzes, mostly because I’m sooo gullible.

  6. Awesome on the nine minute miles! that’s great!

  7. My maiden name started with an “M” and my married name starts with a “B”. My husband and I were standing in line to get our season hockey tickets and the lines were sorted alphabetically by last name. As we waited I said “Well it’s nice to finally be at the beginning of the alphabet again rather than the middle.” Dave looks at me and asks, “Again?”.

    Here’s your sign.

  8. Errign

    I am SURE I have but none come to mind this minute, unfortunately for everyone’s amusement…:D

    Are you totally fluent in Swedish?

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