The big reveal

Good morning!

I am a bit disappointed with my run this morning. I set out to finish the entire trail, somewhere between 5-6 miles and I had to cut it short at 3. Why? Because at mile 2, I got a huge cramp in my right calf- I could literally see the calf muscle in a little ball. It was so painful, I had to stop and rub it out, and then I walked for a few minutes and tried to start jogging slowly but nope, my body wouldn’t have it. My right calf muscle started to cramp up again. I walked the mile back to the car, pissed off and frustrated. Oh well, that’s life.

I was freezing when I came home from my less than stellar run. So, I had banana oatmeal, naturally.


1/2 cup oats, 1 banana, 1 tsp maple/agave blend and cinnamon. I enjoyed my oatmeal out on the balcony wrapped up in a huge old cheerleading hoodie and sweatpants. Fantastic.


Yep, that’s my morning face… big hoodie, messy hair, no make up and all. To make this post more interesting and to quit boring you with my every day oatmeal bowl.. I decided that this morning was perfect for the big reveal of Hans’ breakfast bar recipe.


1.5 cups oatmeal
1 cup whole wheat pancake mix
1 tbsp cocoa
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 cup almond butter
1/2 cup maple syrup
1/4 cup vanilla soymilk

Combine dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl. Meanwhile, heat almond butter and maple syrup on the stove until smooth. Add the warm almond/maple mixture over the dry ingredients and mix through. Add as much soymilk as you need to get a somewhat sticky consistency but not sticky enough so that it sticks to your fingers. Add mixture to a foil lined baking dish, flatten the mixture out and stick in the freezer for 1 hour. Take the breakfast bars out of the freezer and cut them into desired pieces. I usually keep all of them in the freezer and Hans takes one out each morning and eats it once he gets to work. Enjoy!


I have a question for you. Why do you think my calf muscle cramped up? And how can I prevent this from happening in the future?


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15 responses to “The big reveal

  1. Hans

    Warming up 😉

  2. Warming up definitely! Also, make sure you’re getting enough potassium – I used to get terrible muscle cramps until I started taking a potassium supplement and eating more bananas 🙂

  3. YUM!! Those breakfast bars look amazing!

    I’m echoing Hans but definitely warm up and stretch if you don’t already and make sure you’re getting enough water and potassium (potassium though I’m sure you’re fine).

  4. Sorry about the crampage… i sometimes get a huge cramp in my lung/rib area and its soo painful it feels like I am being stabbed (not that I know what that feels like but…). If that happens it usually means the end of my run. Make sure to stretch out your calf very good and maybe ice it after runs? Love the granola bars!

  5. My calves are killing me too 😦 Hang in there!

  6. I’ve had the same sort of issues with my right calf. I can’t even walk in sand because it stretches it in a weird direction and cramps up!

    My chiropractor recommends eating 2-3 bananas/day and lots of calcium…up your dairy intake if you eat dairy otherwise try a supplement.

    Stretching is good too!

  7. Yasmin

    Still looking good even without make-up! Great-sounding bars. I’m still too nervous to make any bars on my own.

  8. Love the recipe, it’s so simple and the bars look yummy.

  9. balancejoyanddelicias

    oh.. sorry that you had cramp pain. did you eat anything before the run? I usually get that pain either because I ate something or I didn’t breath correctly (with nose).

  10. this biggest thing that helps me not cramping up is always stretching after a run. if i don’t, my legs feel tight the next time. no good!

    ohhhh i love that the bars are made with pancake mix!

  11. sorry about the lack of appetite and stress from yesterday, hope today is a better day! sorry about the cramp as well, hate it when pain ruins a good run. no tips for you but thanks for the recipe for the bars! they look like a great on-the-go treat 🙂 xo

  12. You need to enter these in Caitlin’s contest!!!! Pancake mix!

    Now I want to make these…

  13. lowandbhold

    Yay thanks for the recipe! I’ve been eagerly awaiting it.

    Sorry about your cramp, that happens to me every so often too and I usually just have to wait a few days for it to go all the way away. There are probably better approaches though. Haha.

    Also, sorry about this being your last weekend with Hans alone for awhile. I hope this weekend with the family is fun though! And hopefully it will go by super fast.

  14. Ahh calf cramps are THE worst. I had one during a 5 mile run, and ran through it, painfully. I should have stopped like you did because I was in pain for the next 3 days:(

  15. Kristin

    Those bars look great! My advice would be, make sure your electrolytes are balanced. Not too much or too little sodium/potassium (that means not too much or too little water too!) Good luck!


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