Rain, rain.. go away

come again another day… after October 22 so that Hans’ family has the perfect visit to North Carolina πŸ™‚ My mood has brightened a little but not much. When I am stressed or sad, I literally have no appetite whatsoever. So it was making it’s way toward 1 o’clock and I hadn’t eaten lunch yet, and I knew that I should. So, I snacked on some carrots and hummus while contemplating about what I wanted.


I decided on an egg sammie. It turned out delicious and exactly what I was craving when I didn’t even know it. I toasted up two slices of whole wheat bread and made an egg scramble with 1 egg, mushrooms, spinach and a sprinkle of cheddar cheese. I smeared some light mayo on the bread, tossed the egg mix in hot sauce and topped the egg on the bread.


The money shot.


I don’t think there is much hope for the sun today.


Back to scrubbing and cleaning. So, the apartment looks perfect come Thursday! What is your favorite food on a rainy day?



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9 responses to “Rain, rain.. go away

  1. sorry about the down in the dumps feelings lady ❀ that sandwich looks perfect for any day, rainy or not! i love to drink english breakfast tea on rainy days.

  2. That shot is money! I hope the sun comes out for Hans’ family! Hmm favourite rainy day food is a nice cup of tea with some soup!

  3. Lizzy

    can i steal that quote “the money shot” teheh loves it girl! πŸ™‚ That sammie looks so scrumptious! Hopefully that sun peaks out sometime today, its been pretty gloomy here too today…..Soup is ALWAYS my fav come rain, for some reason its just so comforting!


  4. Bec

    I agree the rain needs to go away for a while! Hope the cleaning is going well πŸ™‚

  5. balancejoyanddelicias

    I hate rainy gray days like today! I mood is so bad! 😦
    nothing would comfort me except kabocha!

  6. Kirt

    Nothing like a bit of rain to make things even crappier! We had a mega downpour overnight so just when I was feeling excited about spring, its all grey, cloudy and cold again 😦 Ugh!

    Hopefully all the bloggy love you’ll receive will make you feel a little bit happier while your hubby is away. And the way this year has flown by, it’ll be Christmas in no time! Keep smiling πŸ™‚

  7. Eggs are definitely a go to food for me whenever I either (a) don’t know what I want, or (b) want something warm and comforting!

    rainy day food?? oatmeal…mmm

  8. traynharder23

    anything HOT. i like hot soymilk…hmmm comfort in a bowl of oats. or like curry….mmmm.

    hot chocolate!

  9. *hugs* I hope that your next couple of months without Hans fly by so that it feels like he just left when you are reunited.

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