Healing powers of bread baking


I hope your Monday went well. (Oxymoron much?) Monday’s can only be okay, in my opinion… unless it’s a holiday 😉 Okay, guys.. to be completely honest. I have had no appetite at all today. I think it’s just from worrying and stress, that is how my body has always dealt with these type of things. I did manage to eat my usual apple as an afternoon snack.


I made Hans his granola breakfast bars this afternoon. I think I finally found the perfect measurements, so expect the recipe tomorrow sometime after they pass the taste test from Hans.


Dinner was a simple sweet potato. It’s all I wanted.


with a smear of butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon while catching up with my all time favorite tv show, Dexter. I also had a few clementines for dessert. They taste like fruit candy.

How do you deal with worrying and/or stress? Baking bread helps me a lot with stress. It is soothing for me to knead the bread, and watch it rise. Bread baking is by far my favorite way to prepare any type of food.


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6 responses to “Healing powers of bread baking

  1. owww- those bars look great and I know Josh woud love them. Please post the recipe tomorrow!! Oh girl! I feel so bad that you’re stressing. Working out, cooking/baking, spending time with my family & friends and just keeping myself BUSY always helps me deal

  2. Lizzy

    Those bars look wonderful. Can’t wait to hear how Hans likes them! When i get stressed i usually like zone out by myself, usually in my room and just sort of do my own thing whether it be sit on my computer, listen to music, read, or even go for a run! it usually helps and within a few hours i’m back to normal! I hope you feel better my love!

  3. mmm ive been craving sweet potato for awhile! i deal with stress by shopping. lol. not good for my wallet.

  4. I have yet to learn how to deal with stress but going for a run or nice walk helps me relax a bit. The sweet potato looks so yummy!

  5. I hope today is better!!! I like baking, too – there’s something about it that just calms me down or distracts me for a time.

  6. Sorry you’re stressed/down hun! I deal with stress in a myriad of ways:
    – Eating. Anything carby, salty or sweet. Yeah, good times.
    – Talking about it. This helps as long as I don’t keep repeating it.
    – Making myself go out for a run. I always feel so much better afterwards.
    – Focus on my body and it’s position, make sure I don’t scrunch my shoulders.
    – Make sure I get enough sleep.
    – Cook.

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