Fall is here

It was a high of around 65 today!! Fall decided to grace us with it’s present in Charlotte, finally. I even got to wear my hot pink scarf. Awesome.


Me sans make up. I really hate putting on make up that is not mascara. What happened to me? In high school, I loaded it on. But, no more… I only wear it on special occasions these days. If you don’t need it, don’t wear it.

Dinner tonight was a spicy shrimp roll. Twas spicy and delicious. I heart sushi and I hadn’t had any in quite awhile.


I had hardly any greens today and was a bit under calories since I woke up late this morning. Oh, well. Tomorrow is another day. See you in the morning!

P.S. I finally got around to adding a FAQ page. Be sure to check it out!


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8 responses to “Fall is here

  1. Errign

    woo hoo for fall! I shoulda sent you some of New England’s weather – been in the 50-60s here for a few weeks!

  2. Yay! I love scarves, wearing them reminds me of being in France…i love the hot pink 🙂

    Totally agree about makeup…i definitely am a minimalist.

  3. Its good you don’t feel you need to pile on the make up let your natural beauty shine through! I’ve definitely minimized on the make up since finishing high school but I still wear but go for a more natural look. Yay for autumn clothes!

  4. CUTE outfit. I think I need you to come shopping with me!

  5. I love your scarf and how cute is your outfit!

  6. I LOVE that outfit! How fashionable are you? ❤

  7. you look so cute in that outfit! and i love your makeup motto. yum to the sushi!

  8. I loove chunky scarves!! I think that might be my favorite part of fall.hahaha I can’t do sushi when it’s cold out though…even though your sushi does look quite yummy!

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