Odd ramblings

Thank you all so much for all of your sweet comments about Hans’ 3 month job training. It makes me feel better to know that I have so many wonderful readers out there that are truly looking out for me. When I started this blog, I could never have imagined all of the beautiful things it has brought me- confidence, running, amazing readers, new friends.. It’s crazy what this little blog can do. Alright moving on with the mushy stuff, this is gonna be quick because Glee is on soon! I went to the gym for a quick strength training session to get out of the apartment and to try to stop feeling sorry for myself. It worked for the time being, and it’s a plus that I got a good workout in.

Afternoon snack was my daily apple. Happy to say it was a gala and not a honeycrisp. Ahh, yes.. curse me, I don’t like honeycrisp apples.. oh well.


Haha, how creative Haleigh. Since I normally snack on fruit in the afternoons, I tried to get creative with the photography instead of the food. I am not much of a snacker, more of a 3 square meals kinda gal. If I have a larger snack in the afternoon then I am never hungry for dinner. In my opinion, you need to find healthy habits that work for you and this works for me.

Dinner was fab and creative, however. I had the last of the TJ’s sweet apple chicken sausage with 1/2 cup cooked quinoa, spinach, and some almonds and dried fruit. The combo was väldigt gott (very tasty in swedish) 😉


I got asked in my earlier post if I could speak Swedish.. and the answer is yes and no. I can understand about 90% of Swedish, which means I can read it and I understand when other Swedes are talking to each other but I ,myself, am not a fluent speaker. Example.. If two Swedes are having a conversation I would often jump into the convo in English because I could understand what they said but I couldn’t express myself in Swedish. I can get around using Swedish in Sweden and I can have a simple conversation but I couldn’t have a complex convo in Swedish, if that makes any sense? It was the weirdest thing for me when I had lived there for almost a year.. and the first time I thought of a word in Swedish and couldn’t think of what it was in English. I had gone to the gym earlier that day and I was telling my friend that I had träningsverk.. and she asked me what that word was in English and I drew a blank!!! Finally, after several odd minutes of thinking I remembered that träningsverk was sore in English.. I was sore from my workout! haha, funny story..  anyway, I am getting off track here… So, yeah.. dinner was delicious! with a side of baked okra fries.


My sweet tooth was screaming loud and clear tonight!! I just could not ignore it so I dove into the depths of my freezer and found a chocolate peanut butter cookie from Penny’s low fat desserts.


The cocoa taste was very rich but I am sad because I could hardly taste the peanut butter. It was pretty good for a ‘healthy’ cookie and it satisfied my sweet tooth. For now.


Can you speak any foreign languages? I took Spanish in middle school, and French in high school and college but I think I am most comfortable speaking Swedish as my second language. I really love languages which is why it’s my major. Good night!


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6 responses to “Odd ramblings

  1. Lizzy

    I had no clue you spoke swedish, thats so awesome! 🙂

    Mmm a cookie would be so good right now! haha.


  2. I speak Korean and Chinese! And I totally butcher Spanish after 4-years of required foreign language classes 🙂

    Blog community is AWESOME, isn’t it? It totally makes my day sometimes, with the amazing people out there.

  3. your dinner looks tasty!

    i can understand tagalog [filipino] but sadly i cannot speak it. i wish i did though!

  4. Mmm that cookie looks awesome! Chewy and fluffy looking! Cute way to spice up the photo of the apple haha 😉

    We’ll all be here for you while Hans it gone to cheer you up! I know it’s hard, but (and I’m sure everyone says this so it may not be that comforting) but it WILL be worth it! 🙂

  5. You don’t like honeycrisp apples?! The horror! hehe

    That’s awesome that you can understand Swedish! I’m half Swedish, and would be thrilled to learn the language.

  6. lowandbhold

    I grew up around Spanish and almost got a minor in Italian in college (had about 2 courses or so left) but I’m not even proficient in either. I’m not sure I’m a very linguistic person. That’s awesome that you can speak/read Swedish!

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