Is it real?

After breakfast, it was cloudy and chilly. So, I thought it was the perfect weather for the premier of my cute black boots+scarf look.


And then off to Barnes and Noble I went for some reading. When I emerged from the books to go back home.. it was hot!! What the…? Oh, North Carolina.. when will it be cold? Good thing I am going to Sweden for Christmas.

When I was at Barnes and Noble, Hans texted me and told me that he will be leaving for his job training in Europe right after his family leaves Charlotte (in less than 2 weeks). I had to go to the bathroom because I was tearing up. I knew that this would happen, I just didn’t know when. Now, that there is a date on it.. it just seems so real. I don’t want it to be real. I don’t want to go without my husband for 3 months. It’s devastating, but life goes on and I will survive.

Lunch today was a bit plain but it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t tasty. I took inspiration from Hans’ dinner last night (yes, he has a blog but it’s in Swedish.) I made a pesto/mushroom veggie burger on whole wheat. Behold! Hans’ very favorite thing that I have come up with when it comes to cooking. Pestomayo… It’s just 1 tsp of pesto and 1 tbsp of light mayo.


I sauteed some mushrooms and spinach in some garlic for a burger topper, spread the pestomayo mixture on the bread with a Dr. Praeger’s California veggie burger and lunch was served with a side of carrots and hummus.


Hans is a burger genius. This was fantastic.


Sorry for the downer post. Hopefully I will be back to normal by tonight. xoxo



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12 responses to “Is it real?

  1. Vani

    I’m sorry, girl 😦 My bf is probably leaving for the month of January — it’ll be lonely!

  2. cute outfit!! i am sorry you have to be without your hubs for 3 months. HUGS!!!

  3. i just looked at his blog, what is up with all the rando automobile photos? i wish i understood swedish!

    • haha, he is obsessed with all things cars and we are looking for a second car for when we get back to charlotte which makes him even more obsessed with cars πŸ˜‰

  4. lowandbhold

    That’s so cool that Hans has a Swedish blog! Can you read it?

    I’m really sorry about your time apart. I can only imagine how hard that is. But I bet it will go by pretty quickly.

    I loved your outfit even if it got hot later in the day!

  5. First off- totally cute outfit- you look rocking. I would have teared up too! We will all be here to support you via blog world. You’ll make it through! I totally understand- the husband and I did long distance for a semester of college and it stunk

  6. That outfit is cay-ute!! Come to MI, it’s definitly that kind of weather here πŸ™‚

    You’re allowed to have a downer post! I would be upset if I were in your shoes – hang in there, enjoy all the time you have with him now. When he’s gone, we’ll be here for you!

  7. You look so cute in that outfit! Pesto-Mayo sounds fantastic!

  8. mycupofteas

    loving the hot pink scarf! I have one just like it! πŸ™‚

  9. Lizzy

    Aw girl. Things will look up i promise! Just like K said, you can come to MI and enjoy TONS of chilly weather! hehe. those boots are killer girl! i LOVE THEM

  10. Love the scarf!!!

    Sorry to hear your hubby will be leaving soon…

  11. balancejoyanddelicias

    like your scurf, that’s my favorite color! πŸ™‚

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