I did it!!

I finished 7 days of crap free week and I finished my first ‘bad’ run. Now, why am I excited that I had my first bad run since I started running a month ago? Because it proved that I am determined. It was steadily misting outside. I couldn’t run in the trails because they were too soggy. So I had to run on the pavement. My mind was going crazy with boredom because I am used to running in the forest with a beautiful view and now all I could see was a long line that I had to finish. My legs were still stiff from my long run on Sunday but I did it! I finished the 3 miles that I set out to do despite the rain, sore legs and pavement boredom. Yiippeee! I am on my way to becoming a runner, so exciting.

Can you think of what I wanted to have for my first breakfast after crap free week?


Yes, cereal. During crap free week my main motive was to move away from cereal because I had been eating it for lunch and dinner too many times to count. So, of course my first ‘crap’ meal included this lovely gem for breakfast. Where it’s supposed to be and will stay from now on. No more cereal for dinner, Haleigh!


1 container of 0% honey greek yogurt, 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup TJ’s maple pecan clusters, 2 tbsp of trail mix and some cinnamon sprinkled on top.


I think I could add cinnamon to anything. I even added it to the roasted root veggies I made last night. Hans was a bit upset about this, you see.. because he is as obsessed with garlic as I am with cinnamon. Oh, well.

The money shot. MMmm, cereal.


I will do a full review of crap free week with my lunch post.

Catch ya later 😉


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8 responses to “I did it!!

  1. Great job on the Crap Free Week! I find myself relying on processed foods too much, so I can’t wait to read your recap of the week.

    And that cereal probably isn’t too “crappy,” right? At least not as bad as Lucky Charms. : )

  2. Great job on the “bad” run – I think you’re already a runner! 😉

    That breakfast looks SO good! Yum!

  3. congrats on your crap free week! you did amazing

  4. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog . . . and kudos on your crap free week, I hope mine can be just as good!

  5. that cereal looks awesome!

    glad you had a good “bad” run 🙂

  6. Your just starting out running and your doing three miles! I’ve been running for the past few months and I usually only do 3 miles – i gotta step it up!

  7. Congrats on completing your challenges!! That run sounds tough, but that feeling of accomplishment is worth it all 🙂

    Mmm cereal and yogurt. I think as long as I’m buying the healthiest cereal (within reason) that I like, then it’s okay to enjoy when I want.

  8. lowandbhold

    Good job on the run girl! And glad you got to reunite with your cereal 🙂

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