Crap Free Week: In Review

From 09/29-10/5 I ate mostly crap free. What is crap free, you ask? Well.. since about August, I had been relying too much on bread, cereal, wraps and pitas and not enough on veggies, and whole grains. So, I decided to jump start myself and get back into my healthy eating habits. Now, I practice healthy eating most days of the year but I felt like my body and my running would thank me more with a bit of tweaking. My crap free week consisted of the following:

Do’s– Lean meats such as chicken and fish, eggs, fruits, veggies, beans, nuts, whole grains, yogurt, green smoothies, olive oil, etc.. if it has minimal ingredients then it’s a do. In fact, if it is just one ingredient than that’s best.

Dont’s– Anything that is overly processed such as cereal (that’s a big one for me!!), granola, bars, deli meats, canned soup, crackers, butter, protein powder, bread, artificial sweeteners, cookies+brownies and other sweets, alcohol, added sugar. If it’s not mostly natural then it’s a no go.

Now, the big question is… did I follow all these guidelines? For the most part, yes I did. I had one minor slip up which I don’t really even consider. During crap free week, I said no alcohol.. but I found out about a wine festival that was going on in Charlotte on Saturday. A wine festival? This is so my thing!! A foodie/wine lover’s dream. So I put crap free week in the back of my head and tasted several different wines from vineyards all across North Carolina. All those tiny sips added up to about 1 glass of wine so I did not fret about it at all. I enjoyed it and I moved on. Crap Free Week did me a lot of good but it was also hard to stick to at times.

Pros- 1. My main focus was to make the veggies the “star” of the meal instead of relying on wraps and bread. 2. It made me get creative with my meals. 3. I felt amazing after a few days of eating crap free. 4. I am on the lower end of my usual weight fluctuations 5. It put me in the right mind set to keep eating healthy and exercising. 6. I had my best run ever while eating crap free.

Cons- 1. It was quite restrictive so I wouldn’t recommend any one who has been struggling with disordered eating recently to give it a try.

So the main question is.. would I do it again? The answer is yes. Sometimes we get away from eating veggies and whole grains in their natural state and I really needed this crap free week to get back to that. Two thumbs up for crap free week.

Onto lunch.. this cloudy, misty day calls for one lunch and one lunch only… soup! Carrot ginger soup from earth fare to be exact.


I liked this soup. It had a bit of zing to it from the ginger.


With my soup, I had a handful of Mary’s Gone Crackers.


This was my first time trying out these crackers. I really liked them but I prefer Dr. Kracker’s because they are thicker with a bit more crunch.


Congrats to all the nominees of the Foodbuzz Blog Awards!


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7 responses to “Crap Free Week: In Review

  1. Hi Haleigh – thank you so much for the message you left on my latest post. I absolutely love your blog and I feel like I can relate to you! Do you think you will be moving back to Sweden?

    Congrats on finishing up crap free week 🙂

  2. congrats on completing the full week! i missed out on a few days i think, while i was gone, but i am happy to see you did it. and i would totally go for cereal first too! i am glad you were able to put the CFW aside and enjoy the wine tasting. props to you!

  3. I’m impressed! This would take a lot of planning for me, but I really want to try it myself.

  4. lowandbhold

    I’m glad it all worked out for you, it seems like you worked really hard!

  5. Errign

    YUM on that soup!

    Did you enter the applesauce giveaway?

  6. balancejoyanddelicias

    great job on the crap week! It seems restrictive but it forces you to be more creative too! 🙂 it’s a nice thing to do when you feel you’ve over indulged for a while! 🙂

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