Sound of rain

Good morning! It is a rainy day but I am not complaining, I actually think it’s nice to stay inside and cuddle while the rain falls. After my longest run ever yesterday, (appx. 6 miles) I thought that my legs would be completely dead but they actually seem to be recovering quite well and I think that I can get in a good run tomorrow. Sweet! Yep, I’m pretty much hooked on running already.

This morning for breakfast, I had an oldie but goodie. Yep, oatmeal. Again. Sorry to be repetitive but I just can’t bring myself to eat yogurt, a smoothie or anything on a chilly fall morning. I did switch it up a bit by having pumpkin oats.
*1/4 cup steel cut oats
*1/2 cup pumpkin
*1/2 banana
*1 tsp maple syrup
*pumpkin pie spice
I sat out on my balcony enjoying my pumpkin oats and watching the rain fall. The sound of the gentle rain is quite peaceful. It makes me think. Despite the fact that I have been playing the waiting game to start my university studies again.. Life. Is. Good.


Adding the pumpkin to my oats made them fluffy and filling.


Do you enjoy the occasional rainy day? I love them now because it seems like it’s always sunny and hot in Charlotte but when I lived in Sweden, I hated them because it seemed like it was always cold, raining, or snowing.


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7 responses to “Sound of rain

  1. Oh it rains here. It rains. πŸ˜‰ But we have soup and oatmeal, so YES!!!

  2. i love the ending days of summer when it starts to rain.. and the fresh smell of it.. its the earth is being refreshed.. i love it. πŸ™‚

  3. Oatmeal with rains= relaxing combination! I love when it is raining and not creating a havoc and also hate traveling in the rain!

    Wow, you are going back to school!! What program will you be in?

  4. DiningAndDishing

    I like rainy days sometimes too! It makes for the best oatmeal weather :O)

    – Beth @

  5. lowandbhold

    I love rainy days when I can stay home. But when I have to be out in it I’m not a fan!

    Your oats do look really fluffy. I need to buy some more pumpkin.

  6. Lizzy

    i love rainy days, except for when i’m at school. lol!

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