Crazy cravings

Sorry for the late lunch post! Time seemed to be slipping away from me this afternoon.

I wasn’t too hungry for lunch but I was having a serious cereal craving. I was baking some halloween cupcakes for Hans’ office and I knew that if I didn’t satisfy the craving, then I would be stealing tastes of the cupcake batter all afternoon long. So, what to do.. what to do? A high fiber, all natural cereal is not a bad thing to consume regularly in a healthy diet BUT I designed my crap free week to try to get rid of my cravings for cereal. Before cfw, I had been having cereal for lunch and dinner, too many times to count. Good news!! I found a crap free way to satisfy my cereal craving with no damage so to speak. I had 1 container of 0% honey greek yogurt, 1/2 banana, 1 tsp almond butter and a sprinkle of trail mix. Cereal craving gone and luckily, there was no licks from the halloween cupcake bowl 🙂 *Photos of the cute cupcakes to come later*


How do you deal with crazy cravings? Do you… 1. kick them to the curb 2. give in to them or 3. modify the craving to suit your healthy lifestyle. I am all 3. Sometimes the craving will go away with some herbal tea but sometimes I just need the real thing!


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7 responses to “Crazy cravings

  1. I’m horrible with cravings I try so hard to avoid the kitchen but an hour later I’m in there scarfing down what I really wanted, so bad I got to learn to kick them cravings to the curb.

  2. lowandbhold

    Wow, that’s super impressive that you’ve baked twice and haven’t even tasted! I would not be so strong!

    I usually try to honor my cravings because I don’t have them too often. But I’ll do it as healthfully as possible, if possible.

  3. Lizzy

    i wish i had more advice on how i kick those cravings, but alas i don’t. sometimes i find it real hard to taper them, and other times its a breeze. i think it just depends on the day for me. but doing a re-do and remaking a craving is such a great idea! you still get a treat! 🙂

  4. That yogurt mix looks awesome! Way to adapt your craving to fit your CFW 🙂

    I do a mix of all three. I don’t eat that many sweets so if I crave them, I’ll either have what I want or find something that is similar to it.

  5. What a fabulous alternative! I’m a cereal addict, too! Something about milk + crunchy cereal= satisfying.

  6. I love cereal so much, too. It is addicting.

  7. Errign

    I do a mix of all three – but I must admit, if I am crazy busy at school, I just give in and get over it!

    I’m having a Musselman’s applesauce giveaway on my blog that’s open until Saturday if you are interested 🙂 Enjoy your night Haleigh!

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