kanelbullens dag

Hi! I hope every one had a fantastic fall weekend!

I woke up at the crack of dawn for my long run this morning. I was sipping on my coffee and just itching to get outside, but it was still dark so I waited a little bit and off I went. I had no expectations for this run. I have been running approximately 3 miles during the week, so I told myself that I wanted to run further than that and I would stop when my body told me to stop. I got into a serious running groove after about 15 minutes and before I knew, I had ran the entire trail!!!!!! which is approximately 6 miles 🙂 You can imagine how elated I felt, I started to run 1 short month ago! I felt like I could have kept going but I could feel my legs were a bit tired so I decided to stop at the risk of getting injured or incredibly sore. It turns out that was a fantastic idea on my part because my legs felt so heavy this afternoon. After the longest run of my life, I had an old but new breakfast. Old because it was oatmeal but new because it was steel cut oats. 1/4 cup steel cut oats, 1 banana, and some cinnamon.


Can you see the difference? I could taste it. Steel cut oats are a bit chewier with a different consistency.


I enjoyed my warm bowl of comfort out on the balcony with a blankie and some coffee. Perfect Sunday morning.


I did some necessary cleaning around the house when Hans mentioned that it is national kanelbullar day in Sweden. So, you know what that means, naturally… I had to bake a batch of kanelbullar for my hubby.


Kanelbullar are cinnamon-y goodness wrapped up in fluffy, gooey, buttery, naughty dough.


They are delicious but alas, I restrained because I just wasn’t feelin’ it and cfw doesn’t end until Tuesday.

For lunch, I made a random bowl of some broccoli, mushrooms, and black beans with marinara sauce. As odd as it sounds.. it was surprisingly good, and filling.. it kept me full for quite a long time.


But, not long enough so that I skipped my every day apple as a snack.


We headed out to Barnes and Noble for some brain stimulation and to pick up a new book for Hans. I could stay there and read for hours in those comfy chairs. Dinner was leftover acorn squash stuffing- it was a random mix of kashi pilaf, onions, slivered almonds, cranberries, acorn squash and cinnamon- with some spinach and a TJ’s sweet apple chicken sausage. Yum, this was the last of the stuffing. So sad 😦 It looks like a big pile of mush but trust me, it was divine. *Scroll down for a better photo of it.* I will most definitely be making it again though, very soon.


I am off to cuddle with Hans and be a bum on the couch.

Is any one else out there still addicted to Desperate Housewives? It’s been on for years but I can’t tear myself away. I usually get bored with a tv series after 2 seasons but not these deceiving, beautiful ladies. Good night!



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6 responses to “kanelbullens dag

  1. the Kanelbullar (sp?) looks really good! I need to find a recipe to try fixing it 🙂 I am starting a CFW tomorrow, and I’m already trying to think up different tasty eats.

  2. Oh wow!! Way to go with that run! That lunch combo sounds really good. Throwing a whole bunch of ingredients in a bowl is fun! Love the looks of those kanelbullens 🙂

  3. Lizzy

    Girl i am so proud of that run! 6 miles is AMAZING! 🙂 you are such a diva, an i’m so proud that you stopped when you felt it was necessary instead of pushing your body!

    I also love going to barnes and nobles, i could be there for hours on end reading! love love!!!!

    have a good night love!


  4. I always forget when it’s on, but it is still a good show to watch. Way to go on the 6 mile trail.

  5. Brandi

    yum, they look perfect again! I don’t know how you make them look so pretty, but they are. Plus, they were SO tasty – we loved them!

    Great job on the run! That’s awesome!

    I love steel cut oats, too. I made a batch this weekend to eat during the week – can’t wait to have some tomorrow 🙂

  6. lowandbhold

    Awesome job on the run! You are a natural!

    Those Kanelbullar always make me drool a bit, they looks so professional!

    I def still watch Desperate Housewives. It’s not my fave but I love unwinding on Sunday nights with that show and Brothers and Sisters. It’s a nice end to the week.

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