CFW does it again

I am really enjoying coming up with different meals during crap free week. I have to think outside of my usual eating box and everything has turned out wonderful, fresh and tasty! Today’s lunch has been my favorite crap free meal so far. I made a black bean and sweet potato salad. First, I roasted a sweet potato w/cinnamon in the oven at 400 for an hour, then I heated up 1/2 cup black beans and served both over a bed of spinach. The contrast between the cool spinach and warm potato and beans was amazing and the combo of sweet potato/black beans rocks! Give it a try!


I am caught up in two books right now.

Stieg Larrson- The girl with the dragon tattoo.


I haven’t made a big dent in the Larrson book yet… but so far, so good. Hans told me to pick up this book at Barnes and Noble because it is written by a Swedish author and was translated to English recently. I like the book because I can relate to some of it. The author talks about Borlänge, Lake Siljan, and Dalarna.. and I know exactly what he is talking about, when he talks about the fall/winter weather in Sweden, I know what he is talking about so it’s nice to be able to relate personally with the book.

The running book for women has been a very good read so far. I have made a huge dent in this book but I am not finished yet.


I pretty much know nothing about running. So, this book is very informative. It talks about ways to stay motivated, how to start running, how to train for races, strength training for running, how to become faster, etc… but also it is geared specifically for women. It talks about how our menstrual cycle will effect our running, running during pregnancy, menopause and how running can differ between women and men because our bodies are composed differently. I haven’t finished either book but when I do, I can do a full book review of both.

à bientôt!



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3 responses to “CFW does it again

  1. Glad that pushing yourself outside of the box with CFW is coming up with great results! Sometimes a little boost is all we need to realize that changes can be good 🙂

  2. Errign

    Glad that CFW is inspiring you to be more creative!

    I have heard of the first book you are reading & I think I need to track down the 2nd one, sounds like something I might enjoy!

  3. lowandbhold

    I love sweet potato with black beans. Sometimes I’ll just nuke a sweet potato and top it with beans and corn. Your combo looks great! I need to look for that book! Well both of them actually.

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