J’aime la vie

Happy Monday! I am oddly perky this morning so bear with me. After such a fabulous weekend, it’s hard not to get up on the right side of the bed this morning! After yesterday, I have been on a french-kick.. I am trying to remember my studies of french. When I start school again, I want to major in English and a foreign language- French. I fell in love with French when I had the most amazing French teacher from Clermont-Ferrand at OU, add in a trip to Paris in there and I was sold. I love the French language and I want to share that love with other people which is exactly what it takes to be a really good teacher. If you don’t love what you are teaching, then you shouldn’t do it. Anyway, how did I get to talking about this? Well, back to the important stuff.

Afternoon snack was a crisp gala apple. Surprisingly, those small crêpes kept me full all afternoon.


Yesterday afternoon was so relaxing and enjoyable. Mostly due to the fact that I got to spend the entire day with the person that I love most in this crazy world of ours, Hans. I am so lucky to have found some one that I am so in love with and that loves me back. For dinner last night, I was in no mood to cook so I made a quick dinner of a baked sweet potato and broccoli.


I couldn’t get a decent photo of the sweet potato but you can bet he was mighty delicious w/a smear of real butter and cinnamon. What could be better?


Dessert was definitely better. Eaten while watching desperate housewives with my favorite person. To conclude the ongoing French theme of yesterday was the perfect brownie. The salted caramel brownie from Amélie’s French Bakery. It was the most amazing piece of chocolate that has entered my mouth in a very long time. This French bakery definitely won over my heart.


It was a pretty small brownie and I savored every bite.

I had an amazing weekend despite the humid weather. Charlotte needs to get the memo FAST, It’s FALL!! How was your weekend?



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8 responses to “J’aime la vie

  1. Brandi

    salted caramel brownie? that sounds fantastic!

    I’m glad you had such a good weekend 🙂 Ours was pretty rainy, but we had some good quality time, too. Plus, football rocked this weekend.

  2. Baked sweet potato, broccoli, caramel brownie = perfect 🙂

    My weekend was pretty low-key, but enjoyable – lots of baking and walking in the sunshine.

  3. Gala apples are the best – love them! I’m so happy to hear you and Hans enjoyed your day together!!

    Yesterday was gorgeous here but now it’s super windy and chilly!

  4. hey girl! i am just catching up on your posts and your weekend looked nothing short of fantastic. that crepe had my mouth WATERING and i too am a nutella lovah. maple agave syrup sounds like a totally amazing concoction. and lindt chocolate is melt in your mouth wonderfulness! glad you got to spend some QT with the boy, glad you guys enjoy each others company so much! have a great day!

  5. French is such a sexy language… learning all the verb tenses is a b!tch though. Ugh i miss sweet potatoes I can’t find them anywhere here in italy =(

  6. I have heard wonderful things about the Amelie’s caramel brownie. I think I need to try that out for myself! 😀

  7. lowandbhold

    Yum, that brownie looks amazing. I love that you and Hans are so happy, it’s sweet 🙂

  8. Lizzy

    a caramel brownie sounds like something i need to get my hands on asap! glad you had such a great weekend love! 🙂


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