un jour en france


What a wonderful Saturday that we have been having! It has been très Français without my notice until I began writing this post. 🙂

I woke up around 8am this morning and sat down to a delicious european inspired brekkie. 2 pieces of Dakota bread with nutella and jam. I love nutella. It is one of my favorite treats- I love it more than nut butters which is saying a lot, coming from me. When I was living in Germany this summer, I ate bread and nutella every morning for breakfast and lost a few pounds in the process. Ah, the european paradox.


Yum, chocolate and hazelnuts were meant for each other.


I let my breakfast settle and then went out for a run. I had planned to do 5 miles today, but it down poured last night which means the trails were super muddy and there were puddles everywhere. So, I cut it short and did 3 miles instead. Twas a lovely short run!! The air felt cool and crisp, a definite change from the hot and humid norm in Charlotte. When I got home from my run, I was already a bit hungry so I made some french press coffee and ate a banana. I cannot drink coffee before a run, it makes me feel really nauseous and just sloshes around in my tummy, sounds gross but true.


I finally figured out the trick to making frothy french press coffee. The key is that the water needs to be just under boiling when you add it in. I make my coffee really strong so I add 2 scoops for 1 cup of coffee and let it sit for about 8 minutes.


After I “pressed” the coffee. Yes, my french press is pink.


After my run and coffee, I was lazy on the couch with my hubby for a bit and then we headed out to NoDa for lunch and to celebrate a little H&H holiday. We ended up at Crêpe Cellar. From their website “Crêpe Cellar offers thoughtful combinations of everyday European cuisine and neighborhood american pub fare. It’s an intimate space with an energetic kitchen offering a variety of menu options including savory and sweet crepes, sandwiches, salads, French bread pizzas, european entrées, carafes of wine and French press coffee.” Well, the inside of crêpe cellar was beautifully decorated and it had a european feel to it. But, I have been to France and everything in the cafes is very old and “middle ages” looking. Crêpe Cellar has a modern atmosphere, which is not a bad thing but definitely not french.

Their crêpes, however, are a different story. When I went to Paris, I had a nutella/banana crêpe every single day from the vendors on the street. The smell of bread, nutella and crêpes filled the streets of Paris. I have ordered crêpes before in the states and they always disappoint, not living up to the crêpes that I ate in Paris. But, these crêpes tasted so similar I was shocked! I think the difference is that crêpes use more eggs than regular ol’ thin pancakes. The crêpe cellar caught the essence of France and crêpes very well with their food. I ordered the Spinach and Wild Mushroom crêpe with spinach, mushrooms, caramelized shallots and goat cheese. It was nothing short of amazing!


Bon appétit! indeed.


After lunch, we walked around NoDa, taking everything in. It is such a beautiful, historic part of Charlotte, and I love finding old buildings in the states since they are quite rare.


I am off to go spend the rest of this H&H holiday with the other H, Hans! I hope that every one the amazing fall season this Sunday! xoxo


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9 responses to “un jour en france

  1. Errign

    Oh, I am jealous of your crepes! (& I don’t know how to make the circumflex..)

    & I LOVE nutella too, I think I might need to pick some up at the store! 🙂

    Glad you had a good Sunday!

  2. I *heart* NoDa. It’s so wonderful and artsy and gorgy. Hope you had fun doll!

  3. balancejoyanddelicias

    Those crepes look amazing! I prefer savory crepes than sweet ones!
    Such a wonderful day of good food! 😉

  4. Bon Apetite indeed! Those crepes. That Nutella. Oh I’m in heaven!

  5. Josh is a HUGE nutella fan! He asks that I keep it out of the house whenever possible so he doesn’t constantly snack on it 😉 Glad you got in a nice run (despite the muddy/puddle-ness!!)

  6. April (Foods of April)

    Can you believe I’ve never had nutella or a crepe?? your killing me! lol


  7. I’m late to this but I don’t care 😉

    My German friend was the one who introduced me to the GLORIOUSNESS of Nutella on toast for breakfast. There aren’t many foods that can beat that combo!

    I adore your pink french press! If I ever got one, I’d have to have a pink one. I was at Target the other day and found pink knives! Almost bought those because they were pink!

  8. lowandbhold

    I’ve never had nutella but now you have me planning to buy some! Looks awesome, as do those crepes!

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