Just around the corner

…the weekend, that is. Does it always feel like Friday afternoon just drags on to you? Today has felt as long as this entire week combined! I am so ready for the weekend and to spend time with my husband. I went to the gym this morning for a little strength session and came home to a lovely yogadownload. Mmm, perfect. I was feeling a little snacky and it wasn’t lunch time yet so I made a plate of carrots and some Sabra’s sun dried tomato hummus.


Anyway, I had leftover ass soup for lunch AKA butternut squash soup that looks a particularly disgusting color from all the cinnamon that I added to it.


However, the star of lunch was Food Should Taste Good’s multi grain chips. o.m.g. guys! These chips tasted like the artificial ingredient laden chips of my past without all the nasty stuff. They are chips that you can feel good about without giving up any taste at all. Hans is going to love these!!


Onto other news, I am going to whine a little here so if you don’t want to hear it then skip over this part please 😉 I have kind of been frustrated this afternoon. I got a package in the mail to sample some low fat healthy baked goods for the blog. I was stoked to give these a try. All of the treats looked moist and delicious on the website. Well, I opened my package and everything was covered in ants. Literally covered. On the INSIDE of the packaging and all inside of the box. So, that means those delicious muffins and cookies were covered with ants. It was disgusting and left ants all over my kitchen counter.

Can you see those little buggers?


Well, I contacted them to let them know that I was unable to sample their treats because they were infested with gross, nasty bugs. Let’s just say they were not very nice at all. They basically blamed it on me because I lived in an apartment. Not cool, not cool at all. It didn’t bother me that there were ants everywhere but what bothered me more was how they reacted. I have received numerous packages containing food to my apartment and have never, ever had any problems with ants or any type of bugs for that matter. Anyway, rant over. I was just a bit upset over this. Not my problem.

Back on a happy note, I hope you guys have a fun Friday!! Hans and I are going mountain biking soon! xoxo



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10 responses to “Just around the corner

  1. Lizzy

    woah i can’t believe this ant situation. i wonder what could have caused it! I wonder why the company gave you such trouble, not cool at all!!!

    Happy Friday though! 🙂


  2. oh my gosh! ants! that sucks so bad 😦 on the up side, i love sun dried tomato sabra and those FSTG chips! yum!

  3. I can’t believe how they handled that situation – I mean I understand if they didn’t want to send another shipment out, but they could at least apologize, maybe send you a coupon or something. It’s rude and unprofessional to blame you.

  4. How rude of them, no matter whose fault it is…they should not have acted that way. I’ll keep that in mind if I ever come in contact with that company.

  5. lowandbhold

    Ugh! I hate ants! That’s ridiculous of them to act that way. Not good customer service at all!

  6. Errign

    What shit customer service! You’d think ESPECIALLY since you have a blog, that they’d really make an effort to make you happy, not pissed off someone who could spread bad publicity for them!

  7. Oh my gosh! That’s very rude of them to imply that it was your fault. I don’t blame you for being upset – I’d be livid as well. Boo to them 😦

    Happy Friday, Haleigh!

  8. Oh wow, that is really really poor customer service – I can’t believe that. I would be really upset myself.

    I love that you called your squash soup Ass soup, I laughed out loud at that! It looks almost like apple butter but thicker to me 🙂

  9. Post the company name! Honestly, if they want mouth-to-mouth (or blog-to-blog) recommendations, they better be prepared for negative ones as well, especially when it comes to customer service! Booooh, sucky people.

  10. balancejoyanddelicias

    oh.. that’s nasty and they’re gross! yes, post the name of that company! they should suffer the consequences!!!

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