Hi! It has turned out to be quite the perfect day! Cloudy and rainy this morning and the sun is just starting to peak through the clouds about now. I did a 30 min vinyasa this afternoon from yogadownload. I was very tight so it was nice to get a good yoga session in today.

For lunch, I had a very Swedish inspired meal featuring knäckebröd. Perhaps you know about knäckebröd? Wasa is the largest distributor in the world of Swedish crispbread. But, I had some on hand that was made about an hour away from where I lived in Sweden.


In Sweden, it is almost always in this round shape, they also have the smaller ones but this is more common. This crispbread is made in Leksand.


If you look closely you can see Leksand. I lived in Borlänge and passed the factory that makes this particular knäckebröd several times on the way to some hockey games. Pretty cool!


Anyway, I had a piece of knäckebröd with cottage cheese spread on top and some carrots.


I just couldn’t get a good photo. The coloring was way off… I have no clue why. Lunch also included a deliciously crisp gala apple.


Thanks for all the tips on how to stretch after a run! You guys are pretty much amazing. ‘See’ you in the morning! xoxo


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13 responses to “Knäckebröd

  1. mmm crispbread with cottage cheese is one of my fave snacks! i have never seen that variety though, i buy the wasas, go figure. yum!

  2. lowandbhold

    I have that problem with pics sometimes too. Just a lack of natural light I think.

    Looks delish!

  3. I need to look up some of the stretching ideas you got! I would love to go to Sweden, plus I love mNy bands from Sweden like Jens Lkeman and the Shout Out Louds

  4. Brandi

    glad you got some good stretching tips! and I’m glad today has been good.

    I got the package, and oh my goodness…they are delicious!!! Thanks so much!

    Have a great night

  5. Lizzy

    i need to practice more stretching for sure, share some of your new knowledge!

  6. That crispbread looks delish! Paired with cottage cheese? YUM!

    If you need a stretching website, let me know! I have one that I adore 🙂

  7. Crispbread is so yum. With cheese and apples! Love the new header! 😉 Have a great day, love.

  8. Haleigh! Hi! I have a question for you! So I found some cloudberry jam that I bought from IKEA awhile back hiding in the back of my fridge. What can I use this for besides deserts? I already had some of it over vanilla ice cream (YUM!) but I was wondering if you know of any other ways to use it. I saw you use lingonberry jam sometimes for regular meals, just wondering if you knew any good recipies for cloudberries! Love you and miss you! Hope to maybe see you in October if you come back to OkieLand!

    • Hi Sue!! I miss you girl! I can’t wait to see you when I come back to Okla. Cloudberry jam is very good, it’s really sweet though so I think it is best served warm over ice cream but you can also add it to your oatmeal or something. I think it could taste good on toast plain or with goat cheese/cream cheese, whatever really.. it’s just a tad more sweet than regular jam so that makes it harder to use it with savory foods. See you soon!

    • Hi,
      have you tried cloudberries and hot camembert?
      Delish combination.
      Have a great dessert

  9. that looks really yummy 🙂 I love crispbread

  10. balancejoyanddelicias

    I’m getting a sense of what swish meal looks like 😀

  11. Errign


    Email me your address so I can pass it along to the Glee Gum people, because you were one of the winners!

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