Sweet dreams

This morning I baked a batch of Swedish kanelbullar for Brandi. I got them all packed up and ready to go. Went to the UPS store and they said they wouldn’t get there until Monday because of the weekend so I made a quick decision to make another batch at the beginning of the week so that they are nice and fresh when they get to her. They are pretty to look at though, and I am sure that Hans will love that he has a batch all for himself.


I tried my hardest to stay awake this afternoon since I only got 3 hours of sleep last night but around 1pm, I lost the battle. I took a 2 hour nap, and it felt wonderful! It messed up my eating schedule though. I was starving when I woke up and immediately ate a gala apple.


Followed by a GM with spinach, almond milk, and a frozen banana. This is my first time trying almond milk in my green monsters and I have to say that I prefer the flavor over soy milk.


Late afternoon snack was a piece of toast with almond butter and jam.


Girls night tonight with Miss Whit!!

I set up a twitter account for my blog. Check it out!! Happy Friday!


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6 responses to “Sweet dreams

  1. Such darling little treats! Brandi is very lucky 🙂

    Have fun with dear Whitney!!

  2. Lizzy

    naps are essential sometimes, so good for you for taking one!!!!

    hope you have fun tonight with Whit! 🙂


  3. kayteesays

    Glad to know green monsters are good with almond milk… I will be making my first one soon & I don’t really dig soy milk.

    I followed you on Twitter!

  4. How sweet are you to make another batch so they’d be fresh – aww! Those look awesome, too!

    Have a blast tonight 🙂

  5. Beautiful treats! You are such a considerate person for baking a second batch! I hope you had a wonderful night out with the girls…can’t wait for the recap! 🙂

  6. lowandbhold

    I love GMs with almond milk. Yum!

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