Gloomy day, good mood

Hi all!

It’s almost the weekend! Yay! I have a few fun things planned for this weekend that I am looking forward to. Unfortunately, it’s supposed to be rainy and cloudy all weekend but that doesn’t put an end to my good mood today. I had a great treadmill session at the gym today. I am a wannabe runner but have no idea how to start plus I have back problems that I don’t want to come back if I start running but so far, so good. Here is my workout breakdown.

1-3 warm up at 5 mph
run 1 minute at 7 mph, walk 1 minute at 4 mph for 30 minutes
5 min cool down at 3.5 mph
all done with a 2% incline

I was nice and sweaty afterward but more importantly.. it was fun! I was watching tv the whole time. Me and Mr. TV are quite close, ha… Of course, I made sure to stretch, I believe that is the most important part of any of my workouts.

I was craving oatmeal like no other so for lunch I made savory oats. 1/2 cup oatmeal with a sprinkle of gruyere cheese with spinach, hot sauce and topped with 1 egg. It tastes so naughty but it’s not. Comfort in a bowl.


I went to Target this afternoon to scope out some Halloween decor and I couldn’t resist a grande 2 pump pumpkin spice latte while people watching, obviously… Am I weird? I hope not.


I seriously screamed with joy when I checked the mail and found a little box from larabar!!!! They heard my cry when I couldn’t find the new flavors anywhere.


Of course, I had to try one. I popped open the PB&J lara almost immediately after opening my package.


It was nothing short of delicious! My favorite lara… with peanut butter cookie close behind BUT it didn’t taste anything like a PB&J. A few hours later, I had a gala apple for an afternoon snack.


What is your favorite larabar flavor? What do you think of the new flavors?


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11 responses to “Gloomy day, good mood

  1. Favorite Larabar flavor = Cashew Cookie.

    The new flavors are pretty good, but I prefer the originals 😀

  2. I’ve never had a lara bar before! Crazy I know! Good work out to! You were lucky to be with your boyfriend in sweden though I’m all alone except for some family members I don’t know haha

  3. lowandbhold

    You’re right, we’re lunch twins 🙂

    I haven’t gotten to try the new laras yet, but Apple Pie is my current fave. I used to love cashew cookie but I got tired of it.

  4. I still need to try the new laras! I wish they would answer my call, haha!!

  5. Tra

    i love love love ginger snap and cinamon roll and both coconut flavors. key lime is awesome too. unfortunatley, they have not heard my call!

  6. balancejoyanddelicias

    oh…. I’m so jealous of your larabars!!! My favorite bar = anything that has chocolate! 😀

  7. I haven’t gotten to try the new laras yet – I’m having trouble finding them! I am glad you are feeling better 🙂

  8. I love the coconut cream pie larabars— so good! I’m jealous of your package of larabar goodness!

  9. My favorites are the coconut creme, cherry, and peanut butter cookie. I have the pb&j one…just need to try it!

  10. The PB&J all the way. I just bought the German Chocolate Cake flavor so I am excited to try it. The only drawback is that I think the PB&J bar seems smaller than others.

  11. I got those same Laras today! I am sad we don’t have PB&J around here, but I packed it for a snacky today.

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