Crazy for Pumpkin

Unfortunately, a pumpkin spice latte wasn’t in the cards this morning. I just didn’t have the time with all the errands that I had to run and then I completely forgot about it! But don’t you worry my lovelies.. one of those babies will definitely be enjoyed in the next few days.

I had a ton of errands to run today to get everything ready for when Hans’ family comes from Sweden to visit us in Charlotte next month. I can’t wait to see them again- especially the new addition to the family that Hans and I haven’t met yet! Anyway, on my way out I bit the bullet and got a gym membership. It’s about a mile from my apartment and they offer a lot of fun group classes like zumba and kickboxing. And it is much much much cheaper than going to the yoga studio so I decided I would try this out for awhile and practice yoga in the comfort of my lovely home to help save my poor wallet. We’ll see how it goes.

Lunch today was a staple in the Haleigh diet. A spinach salad with tomatoes, hummus, and a veggie burger doused in hot sauce. If you put hot sauce on it, I’ll eat it.

09-10 001

I did a short strength routine this afternoon- 50 bicycle crunches, 50 regular crunches and 20 push ups. I am trying to get better at doing push ups. Note that these were girly push ups, haha yep that’s right.. I can do several chaturangas in a matter of 90 minutes but I can only do 20 girl push ups. How is that possible?

Afternoon snack was, get this..Pumpkin-Banana-Oat Bran mini muffins w/Dark Chocolate Chips. I told you I was having a pumpkin kick, and a chocolate kick.. but that’s always in style for me.


Mmm.. those mini muffins are delicious AND healthy- a winning combo. Afternoon snack #2 was a nectarine.

09-10 003

Off for my daily hike!


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14 responses to “Crazy for Pumpkin

  1. Did you join my gym? 😀

  2. lowandbhold

    Yum! Did you make those muffins??

    I’m the same way with push-ups. I’m afraid I’ll always be a girl push-uper.

  3. Leslie

    Question for you. What camera do you use?

  4. those muffins are so cute and i am sure delish! did you bake them yourself? nice mini strength sesh. i agree about the hot sauce! what kind is your fave?

  5. Oh, a new addition to your extended family? I love babies!! That would be fun 🙂

    Hot sauce = KEY! Gotta have a bottle!

  6. Salad looks great! I can’t wait for the muffin recipe, yum!

    Enjoy the hike!


  7. Lizzy

    o snap girl that salad is lookin fine! i love adding veggie burgers to salads and with that hummus. o my geeze!!!

    thanks for the suggestions with the yogurt! i need to get my hands on some honey goodness! 🙂

  8. Mmm…dark chocolate pumpkin muffins are right up my alley. They sound perfect. I’m thinking of making a batch of pumpkin chocolate muffins next week for a meeting. I think they just scream “fall” and who doesn’t love a sweet little pick-me-up like that? 😀

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