First timer

2 new foods in 2 days! I’m on a roll here! Yesterday, I had my very first beer and today I tried my hand with oat bran. Why has this health nut/foodie never tried oat bran? ..I’m not really sure. I guess because I was content with oatmeal but I am glad that I finally gave it a try. I made oat bran the same way I make my oatmeal with 1 banana, 1 tsp maple syrup, cinnamon and almond butter. I added a mejool date in at the last minute for good measure.

sept 4 003

Looks like baby food but tastes like a grain of the Gods πŸ™‚ Not too much different from oatmeal, perhaps a nuttier taste to it? It was super filling and I couldn’t finish it which never happens with oatmeal.

I went to the automotive place to get the oil changed on our car after brekkie. Fun morning, let me tell ya! Lunch today was an earth fare salad. I was out n’ about and just wanted a good salad. I mixed a savory and a sweet salad in my bowl. For the savory, I had tomatoes,mozzarella, 1 egg, 2 stuffed grape leaves with balsamic. For the sweet, spinach, strawberries, pecans and cranberries. I added my own spinach when I got home to keep the cost down. Mmm…

sept 4 001

Snack #1 was some grapes.

sept 4 002

Snack #2 will be this pecan pie larabar. Another first. (Where are you PB&J lara???)


I plan to eat this before we hit the trails after Hans gets home from work. I am thinking I am going to hike instead of mountain biking today to give my legs some extra rest. We are planning a long trail ride for this weekend! Which reminds me….

3 day weekend!!! woo hoo. Does any one have any fun plans?



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9 responses to “First timer

  1. i tried oat bran for the first time earlier this year! i don’t know why i never had it before. but i definitely didn’t try my first beer recently. haha. have fun hiking!!

  2. lowandbhold

    I’m glad to hear you liked oat bran. I’ve never tried it but I need to!

  3. Errign

    I am working tomorrow and Sunday, then a killer mountain bike ride and homework on Monday..very exciting…:D

    So, is oat bran more like, say, grits in consistency?

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Lizzy

    OMG i love grape leaves!!!! aren’t they amazing!

    So glad you liked the oat bran, i haven’t tried it either. gasp! hahah

  5. Vani

    that salad looks so good! and I LOVE oatbran. Definitely more filling than oats!

    we should do a trade for some pb&j larabars / great harvest bread πŸ™‚ it always looks so good on your blog!

  6. balancejoyanddelicias

    what? first time with oat bran?!!! you miss a whole oat world! πŸ˜€ Yes, it’s super filling and super creamy. My favorite combo is green oat bran! πŸ˜‰

  7. I have only eaten oat bran in bran muffins. Never as a cereal. It looks like cream of wheat or grits, and I love cream of wheat AND grits πŸ™‚

  8. I STILL have not tried oat bran either! I’m content with my oats, but I definitely would like to give oat bran a try eventually πŸ˜‰

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