Cookies for breakfast

This post isn’t near as personal as the last two (sigh of relief) but much more upbeat πŸ™‚ I am glad that you guys are getting to know me a little better and I am looking forward to getting to know all of you through your blogs as well. Let’s rewind to yesterday, shall we?

Brekkie was a PB&J cookie, well.. AB&J if you wanna get technical. I made the standard Fitnessista breakfast cookie.

*1/3 cup oats
*1 mashed banana
*1 tbsp almond butter

Mix it all up, spread it on a plate and stick in the fridge. Wake up, stumble to coffee pot, take breakfast cookie out of fridge and add raspberry jam icing! Seriously, tasted like a PB&J. For the icing, I mixed greek yogurt with some raspberry preserves.

sept 3 003

The rest of the morning consisted of me pacing our apartment back and forth. Seriously. Why? Because I hate going to the girl doctor for the annual check up, eekk. BUT, afterward I don’t understand why the hell I was so nervous about it. Oh, well… white coat syndrome is quite normal.

Since my doctor’s appointment was right in the middle of lunch, I broke it up into parts. The first part of lunch was a cherry pie larabar. Tart, tart, tart, but as all laras, very yummy.

sept 3 006

Second part was a nonfat pumpkin spice misto while I was waiting for my prescription to be filled. Whit there is a Starbucks inside Target!! πŸ™‚ The barista spilled a tiny bit of my coffee… which means I get a free coffee at Starbucks this weekend!! Awesome.

sept 3 001

The final part of lunch, once I got back to the apartment around 3, was some grapes and 1 slice of Dakota bread with goat cheese and jam. Savory+Sweet. Have you tried goat cheese and jam together? Why not? It’s amazing.

sept 3 004

No afternoon snack since lunch was so late but Hans and I went to a mountain biking group meeting at Fuel pizza. I didn’t know if I would partake in the pizza eating tonight until I got there and saw that they had a veggie pizza on whole wheat crust.Tons of fresh veggies-peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach- with a delicious pizza sauce and little cheese. Perfect.

sept 3 007

Fuel pizza is a ‘buy by the slice’ NY-type pizza place. It had a 50’s look to it, and Hans and I thought the pizza was quite good. Best pizza that I have had in Charlotte so far, not as good as my beloved Hideaway, but pretty dang close.

Before we started the meeting, I thought to myself..What would be better than mountain biking lovers and pizza than a beer? So I really surprised Hans and asked for him to go get me one. He came back with Sierra Nevada, Summerfest Lager. Being an avid wine drinker, I always stuck my nose up to beer. However, I actually really enjoyed this one. I am no beer expert, I assure you.. but it was light and crisp with a bitter taste to the finish.

I didn’t get much veggies in yesterday but I think I did pretty good for running around all day. I can always get veggies in later πŸ˜‰

**Check out Ruby’s tips on weight maintenance. She brings up several important issues on maintenance and makes it seem very simple and easy.


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11 responses to “Cookies for breakfast

  1. I have never had goat cheese and jam together before, but I really like cream cheese and jam, so I imagine I would like goat cheese and jam.

    Wow, how many times can I type jam in one comment? πŸ˜‰

  2. Yay for Starbucks + Target! And free Starbucks! πŸ˜€

  3. tarjay + starbucks = winning combo.

    mmm…LOVE that icing on the brekkie cookie. i must give that a shot soon. and that pizza looks fabulous…i don’t think i have ever had a ‘bad’ pizza, agree?

    have a good friday!

  4. Mmm Starbucks, pizza, beer (I’m not a huge fan myself)…good day! And yeah I totally hear ya on the girl doctor…I always get so nervous too, and then after it’s all good! πŸ™‚

  5. That ABJ cookie sounds amazing!! Doctors make me a little nervous too, I always wonder, “What if?!” Which makes me freak out!

    Glad you liked the brew! Try a blue moon (with a slice of orange as garnish of course πŸ˜‰ )!

  6. good beer is good πŸ™‚

    yay for the bfast cookie! I love them, and you can add so many different things.

  7. loving the cookie, looks like a killer combo.

  8. lowandbhold

    Oh, I stress myself out for days before my girly doc appointments. Hate them, but you’re right they aren’t THAT bad.

    Goat cheese and jam?? I need to try that ASAP! And the pizza looks amazing. I’m a sucker for pizza.

  9. ahhh that breakfast cookie looks so good! I haven’t ever made one before, but yours (with the icing) looks AWESOME! Have you tried freezing your breakfast cookies? And…are they mushy?

    Hope the doctor had good things to say for you!! Have a wonderful weekend hun!

  10. Genius idea with the greek yog/raspberry icing for your breakfast cookie! Yum!!

    And very smart of you to break lunch up into parts, I would definitely had to do the same to avoid being cranky and hungry. πŸ™‚

  11. Thanks for the shout-out hun, you’re so sweet! And I love that pic of you *wub*.

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